Twenty Seven.

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The Miami weather had suddenly become bipolar. I got distracted for a moment by the sound of rain gently hitting the windows. I loved the sound and smell of rain because it had a way of calming me.

"You done yet? We need to get started on the food, baby."

Justin was sitting on the kitchen counter and I was covering his face with some avocado for a mask. He looked funny, I thought, and not once had I stopped giggling since I started pampering him.

I kept my promises throughout the day, massaging his feet and helping him wash his hair and shave his stubble. For some reason, the avocado mask seemed like a good way to end the day.

"Done." I smiled proudly at my work as I stepped back and got my phone out my pocket to take a picture of Justin.

He tried licking some avo off his face but my death glare stopped him.

"You sure this is gonna help?" He hopped off the counter.

"Absolutely. When you wash your face afterwards, you're gonna love it." I smiled.

"Where did you learn this stuff?"

"TV." I shrugged nonchalantly and went to get some veggies out to start peeling.

Justin put on some soft music and started swaying his hips to it. He danced his way to the sink where Catherine had left some chicken to defrost.

It made me smile that Justin and I were making progress on healing. The last few days had been a rollercoaster but we always ended up smiling, no matter how tiny the smile.

I glanced at Justin as he put some chicken pieces into a pot.

He was doing a good job holding himself together for the both of us. I loved how tightly he held me at night and I wondered if maybe it was his way of feeling connected to the child we lost or if he just didn't want me sneaking off to New York at night. Whatever the reason, being in his arms brought me a bit of peace.

Justin softly sang along to the music and I realised for the first time how much of a sweet voice he had too. He would've had it easy when it came to putting the child to sleep if...

"You done with the vegetables, sweetheart?" He snapped me out of my thoughts.

I nodded and put on a smile.

He looked at me, reading my face, before walking over to me to kiss my cheek.

I chuckled and pushed him away gently.

"Ew." I said, wiping off the avocado he'd left on my cheek with the back of my hand.

"Sorry. I forgot." He pointed his face.

"It's okay." I assured him. "The chicken's smelling good so far."

He gave me a soft smile and took the veggies and threw them into a pot.

I cleaned up the space I'd been working on and then went to wrap my arms around Justin as he cooked.

It was such a lovely sight seeing him in the kitchen. He always looked peaceful in the kitchen when music was playing and his green face made the sight even better.

"You can go wash your face now, babe." I kissed between his shoulders.

"Finally." He exaggerated a sigh and I smiled.

I let go of him and kept an eye on the pots as he went upstairs to get cleaned up.

The knock on the door startled me a bit but I went to open anyway. Justin and I weren't expecting any guests and I felt relieved that Justin had gone to wash off that mask.

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