Thirty Two.

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I'd been so excited about France for days and it was probably evident in the way I acted around the house. I'd even packed a bag the day after the Thanksgiving dinner. Justin had even teased me numerous times about my good mood.

We landed in France with Lewis in Justin's private jet. Everything had happened so fast: the passport and Visa thing, packing to travel, actually arriving in the City of Love... in my mind I had a list of places I'd seen in magazines that were in Paris and that made me even more excited.

Travelling in Justin's jet almost reminded me of the time we left New York for Miami; how affraid I was of being out of what I once thought was my comfort zone. Now, I was breathing French air and it didn't scare me one bit. Instead, it made me feel like heaven finally had my back and happiness was here to stay.

"Dileah, if we don't get a move on, we won't have time to settle in properly." Justin kissed my cheek.

I got out of my seat and stretched briefly. I'd never had to sit in one place for so long so I felt a bit weird and that made me wonder what jetlag felt like.

"Does jetlag make you feel weird, Justin?" I asked as we walked off the jet to the black Mercedes that Lewis stood next to.

"Depends how long I flew for. But I think I'm used to traveling so it doesn't affect me much." He said, "Why do you ask?"

"I've... never experienced it before so..." I blushed.

Justin smiled.

"Well, you'll most likely feel tired because of the time difference. It's nothing hectic." He assured me.

I nodded.

Lewis drove us and I kept my eyes fixed on the areas we drove past. Ahead of us, I could spot the Eiffel Tower, and only then did it really sink in that one of my dreams had finally come true. I was in Paris.

The apartment Lewis pulled up at was almost similar to the Harrison's home in Miami: white and glass. It was in the middle of a large complex and each apartment stood proudly on its own, a few metres from the next. Pattie's and Richard's had a large garage door at the bottom and an elevator on the side.

Lewis led the way with some of our bags and Justin and I followed him closely behind with the rest. Once we got to the right floor, Justin went and unlocked these two large white doors and walked into the building. I couldn't help but gape at the beauty of the apartment when I walked in. It was amazing.

The first thing I did, after putting my bag down next to the door, was I went to have a look at the view from the big glass window near the mini bar which was just three stairs down from the living room area. I could see the Eiffel Tower clearly from where I stood and I knew that nights would be beautiful up here. Behind the mini bar, on the wall, was a black and white picture of Pattie and Richard walking out of a church building on their wedding day with guests throwing rose petals and rice at them. They looked so happy, it made me smile. There were some white couches that went in a U shape in the bar area and a glass coffee table that had magazines on it. The living room area was brown and white with comfortable looking brown leather couches, an antique wooden coffee table and a giant plasma screen above a gas fireplace.

"You wanna unpack, baby? I'll show you around afterwards." Justin said to me from the bottom of the glass staircase.

I smiled and nodded excitedly before walking towards him. Together we walked to the master bedroom. It was a white room with black and white art works on the wall, a big window like the one in Justin's room back in Miami and a wall to wall closet.

Justin had our bags open on the long cushioned seat that was at the foot of the large bed. He'd already started getting his clothes out of his suitcase.

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