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I was up bright and early for another day at the home with Pattie and her team. Justin had the day off today and he'd tried by all means to tempt me to stay home, but not even a morning quickie changed my mind.

After a filling breakfast, Lewis drove me to the home where I helped out as much as I could before Pattie arrived with everyone else.

"You're here early." She greeted me with a warm hug.

"I love helping out." I smiled, "How are you?"

"I'm very well, thank you, Dileah. Just a little tired. I had tons of paperwork to cover last night." She shook her head, "But I'm here and that's all that matters."

"Maybe we can grab some coffee afterwards?"

"I'd love to."

The first half of my day consisted if unpacking some donated food in the kitchen and putting them in the various cupboards. After that, I helped clean the kids' dorms and then, before lunch, I helped paint the nursery.

I went to a coffee shop with Pattie that wasn't too far from the home. We made it there by foot. It was a cosy little place, not one I could imagine Justin sitting in, but I liked the feel of it.

Pattie and I ordered coffee and muffins and I started missing Ms Jones.

"You worked really hard today. I should sign you a cheque." Pattie smiled at me.

We sat at the big window of the coffee shop and let the sunlight hit us. I'd just realised that it was getting cold with the season changing. Pretty soon it would be Thanksgiving then Christmas.

"I don't mind helping around. Working at the hotel made me immune to physical pain when it comes to hard work." I said.

"Well I'm happy to have you on the team, Dileah. You're an inspiration." Pattie gently grabbed my hand. "I really like you."

"Thank you." I blushed and took a sip of my coffee.

"Justin told me that he took you for a basketball game the other day. Do you like basketball?"

"I was clueless about it until then but I really enjoyed myself."

"You know, Justin loved hockey when he was younger. I don't know where his love for basketball came from. I suspect it came from Richard." Pattie smiled to herself.

"Hockey?" I was surprised.

"Yes. He used to play too. Then we moved to the US and... he adjusted."

I couldn't imagine Justin playing hockey. But then again, I couldn't imagine him having fun at a basketball game until the other day, even though the Heats lost by a few points.

"He must've been really good." I said.

"He was. I went to a lot of his games when I could. Now he hardly has time to play or do anything fun, except when he's with you." Pattie smiled.

I smiled slightly.

"Justin' s changed a lot since meeting you, Dileah. He's becoming soft. I remember he used to only care about work so he could make good sales and impress Richard. He hardly gave himself a break. When he dated, he'd go for girls everyone wantes and I blamed myself slightly."

"What? Why?"

"Raising a boy, Dileah..." Pattie sighed. "I was certain I'd taught him how to properly value women but as soon as he started succeeding, he wanted to keep up with his status, I guess. Richard was happy, of course. I mean, the family does get a lot of media attention from time to time. I just always wanted Justin to be with someone solid; someone who really loves him, someone who he could start a family with someday. The rich girls can be lovely to look at, but... I couldn't imagine my grandchildren being raised by nannies while both their parents worked on keeping some image."

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