Thirty Three.

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Waking up in Justin's arms was the best way to get the day started. I rolled over to face him and managed to push some of my hair out of my face as I smiled at him.

"Good morning." He said softly before kissing the tip of my nose.

"No, how do you say 'good morning' in French?"

Justin smiled, "Bonjour? But that's more 'hello' than good morning."

"Bonjour, baby." I said.

"How did you sleep?"

"I slept so well. In a French bed."

He chuckled, "You overslept. That jetlag was something real, huh?"

"What time is it?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Almost 11am."

"American time or French time?" I scrunched my face.

"French time, sweetheart." Justin smiled.

I pouted.

"Are we too late for that breakfast at Pattie's favourite place?"

"We can always go there for lunch. No biggie."

I nodded my head and snuggled closer to Justin.

"I love waking up like this." I whispered. "You smell so good all the time."

"You're so sweet." He held me a little tighter. "I can't wait to show you around."

"Thank you for this, Justin." I looked into his eyes. He had no idea how much this trip meant to me. It was a dream come true and all I could do was thank him and his parents.

Justin kissed my forehead repeatedly and a smile spread across his face.

I slowly sat up and made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth. As I took a shower, Justin looked for some things for us to wear. It was pretty cold outside so I trusted his choices.

Winter in Paris. Who would've thought?

I put on the faded jeans, fluffy blue sweater and cream white coat Justin had laid on the bed for me while he showered. I put on a pair of boots and went to comb my hair out.

My stomach grumbled and I felt glad Justin was quick to get ready. He flashed me a smile that made me blush when he heard my tummy.

"You're gonna need a couple more things before we head out." He got a scarf and gloves out of his carry bag for me.

"Trust you to be extra prepared." I rolled my eyes. "When did you buy those for me?"

"I asked Lewis to. I knew you'd underestimate the Paris weather."

"How was I supposed to know that their winter is at the same time as ours?" I took the gloves and scarf and put them on.

"You just always need to be prepared, my angel." He pecked my cheek then went to put on his own scarf, gloves and beanie.

"Well, the sun's out right now." I muttered as I tried to distract myself from thoughts of how cute he looked in that beanie.

"Better safe than sorry, Dee. I don't want you catching a cold or the flu."

I shrugged my shoulders and put my phone in my coat's pocket.

"Ready?" Justin fastened the laces of his boots.

"Yup." I smiled.

He got up and held my hand and together we left the building to meet up with Lewis who patiently waited for us in the car.

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