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A/n: Who's ready to go to the burning zone?

"What's the origin story of the monsters?" 

"I'm not certain." (Y/n) sighed. Much as she wished it was true, Tikal didn't have all the answers. "I do have vague information regarding them, but nothing solid." The (a/t) rested her head on her hands expectantly. Tikal's mouth tilted upwards at the motion. 

"Well," she began, "from what I know, they are also forms of tormented beings. Perhaps not ghosts, but the embodiment of different kinds of torture." (Y/n) blinked. "I know. It is not very clear." 

"Weird," (Y/n) said. "So, are the monsters here kind of like...." She frowned. "I don't know. That's weird." Tikal offered another small smile as the (a/t) stood up, stretching. "Speaking of monsters, I haven't seen those little buggers around for a while." 


"That's horrible." 

"It's the harsh truth we now live." Yet another reminder that she had to pick up the pace and get to the other two zones. 

"Well, I'm going to go see Sonic. See you in a couple minutes, I guess." And with that, she returned to her body and went up to see the frozen hedgehog. 


Sonic stared at the ceiling, struggling to keep his face neutral. He had discovered that if he frowned too much, it froze that way and took a good few minutes of massaging to get it back to normal. He really didn't want to be stuck frowning, much as that pleased his 'soul mate'. He laughed dryly at that. 

He glanced towards the doors, constantly hoping someone would show up to keep him company. He wanted them to. He'd grown rather used to having someone there to dull the screaming in his skull to a minor buzz in the background. 

It caused an unwanted wave of despair to wash over him. The facts became oh so clear in his head. He was still possessed. After all this time, he was still stuck in the middle ground, one foot in each realm. The longer he stared at that door, the longer he just wanted to cry, to scream, to die. 

Desperate to get these thoughts off his mind, Sonic stood up, scraping ice off his arms and torso. It piled on the floor and he bent down, gathering it up into a really hard snowball. He lifted it up and threw it as hard as he could towards the door, the ice shattering upon impact with a loud bang. 

He fell backwards onto his cot a moment later, his limbs stiffening. Not another one. These episodes happened fairly often, though since (Y/n) had been pulling him out of his body, they'd been less and less frequent. 

Then, with a sort of wrenching feeling, he let out a grating screech, squeezing his eyes shut. The point of this? He had no idea. It was as close to pain as he'd gotten since (Y/n) had burned him. The (a/t) had changed a lot of the factors. 

"Sonic?" He sat up instantly as the door slid open and (Y/n) stood there, alone. He understood why. It was clearly difficult for her to hold three spirits in the secondary realm and he couldn't blame her for focusing mostly on him. 

"Hey," he said, plastering a grin on his face. The door slid shut and she tilted her head. "Took your time." 

"Sorry. Heard some noises and Tails told me to wait it out before coming up." 

"Did you see anything?" 

"A couple monsters came by. I don't think they're around anymore so I should be fine to get back." Sonic nodded. 

Strange, though, how the monsters hadn't come by until just then. They always seemed to be nearby when he had one of his 'moments'. 

(Y/n) settled down on the ground in her normal meditating position, prompting him to do the same. "I've been talking to Tikal about my theory," she said. "And I think we're going to try a form of spiritual therapy." She looked rather uncertain, but Sonic decided to humor her and just sat still. "So...let's get started." 

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