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Before (Y/n) could react, Sonic leaped at her, grabbing her arm and dragging her into the prison cell. She yelped, grabbing his hand as he slammed her against the wall, a low chuckle sounding deep in his throat. 

"Drop her," Amy growled, pulling out her hammer and stalking into the enclosure. Sonic glanced at her with his glowing green eyes, then looked back at (Y/n). 

"I didn't know I was having guests," he said, backing off her and tugging on the chains attached to his wrists and ankles. "Maybe I would have been a bit nicer." (Y/n) peeled herself away from the wall, rubbing her neck where he'd grabbed her. He was so cold. She looked up at the former blue hero. 

His eyes were entirely green, the original irises a slightly darker green to signify where they were. His whole body was covered in frost and he looked like he'd be frozen or dead. 

You know. If he wasn't already. 

(Y/n) already knew by some sort of feeling in her gut that he was possessed by a ghost. A powerful one, at that. It was one of the ghosts that could survive the cold, clearly, as Sonic was now immune to the cold, but not like the (a/t). In a new, twisted way. 

"Just you three? Am I only allowed three guests at a time?" Sonic sneered, studying his hand before looking up at Amy with a smirk. She grit her teeth and squeezed her hammer. "Where's Knuckles?" 

"Does it matter?" the pink hedgehog hissed. 

"I thought we were friends!" Sonic said, opening his arms. Amy swung her hammer and slammed it into the wall, though the only damage was a loud clang. She dropped it and her head, letting out a long breath. A couple of her tears dropped to the floor, freezing in the teardrop shape and shattering upon impact. 

"Come on," the fox said, eyeing Sonic resentfully. "We have to go or we'll be too cold to do anything." He looked over at (Y/n). "Let's go." 

"It's fine, actually," (Y/n) said, still rubbing her neck. "Just tell me where to go and I'll meet you there." 

"You'll freeze in here," Amy said, looking up at the (a/t). "We can stay in here five minutes max. He's just too cold to be around." 

"But I have a warm heart," Sonic said, grinning. His face dropped to a furious expression. "Oh wait. No. I don't." 

"I'll be fine," (Y/n) said. "I'll explain it to you later." 

"O-okay," the fox said uncertainly. "It's the building to the left as soon as you exit this one. Don't forget to lock it or he'll go on a rampage. Believe me, it's no fun. We'll tell you that story later." He lowered his head, his tails dragging on the ground as he and Amy exited the room. 

"Good luck," Amy sneered. The doors slammed shut a moment later. 

"So, you're offering yourself up as a sacrifice," Sonic said, turning to (Y/n) and sauntering towards her. She stepped backwards, her back hitting the wall once more. The frozen hedgehog slammed his hands on either side of her head, his sickly playful expression dropping. "You're a fool." 

"Actually, I'm not. I know exactly what I'm doing." Half of that was the truth. She had no idea what she was doing, just the fact that he couldn't hurt her with his cold. 

Not much, anyway. 

On her neck was a red welt. She wouldn't freeze like everyone else, but that didn't mean his touch wasn't cold or didn't hurt. Being this close to him was making her shiver, but not in a good way. 

"Within seconds, beautiful, you'll be frozen," he said, moving one of his hands to her shoulder and gripping there. She sucked in a sharp breath, lifting one of her own hands and grabbing his arm. She raised her other hand and slammed it down onto the blue hedgehog's arm. She gasped as it snapped, his hand falling from her shoulder to his side. 

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