Silver the Hedgehog

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They decided to wait until morning to take (Y/n) to see Silver. Vector went back to the checkpoint to inform the soldiers that, unless otherwise notified, the squadrons were to handle the crossings.

Her dreams were plagued with pleading screams, assassins with their red eyes and sharp teeth, and blood. So much blood.

She startled awake, shivering despite the sweat soaking her back. She sat up, rubbing her arms and looking around the dark room. The final scream from the assassins rang in her ears.

She rolled off her bed and crept out of her room, moving towards the balcony that overlooked the rest of the city. The Chaotix's residence was the first building before any of the housing quadrants, most likely for an early warning system should the checkpoints fail to hold off the assassins.

Pushing open the doors, she was surprised to see Espio standing with his elbows on the railing, looking out over the city. He glanced over his shoulder, his posture relaxing slightly when he recognized her.

"Couldn't sleep?" he asked quietly. The (a/t) nodded as she came to stand beside him. He rubbed a hand over his eyes, exhaustion clearly present on his features.

"I'm guessing you couldn't either," she said tentatively. "You don't seem like the night owl kind of guy."

"No," Espio admitted, returning his gaze to the city below. There was a long moment of silence before he let out a breath. "Every time I close my eyes to try and sleep, I see Charmy and Silver the night it started. Even if we do survive, he's never going to fly again. The world will bear the scars of this forever." He lowered his head.

(Y/n) bit her lip. "Thanks for giving me a chance," she said after a moment, hugging herself. "I promise I won't let you down."

Espio closed his eyes and didn't respond.


Silver was, in fact, housed in the city. He was underground in the back where no housing had been built and certainly wouldn't be anytime soon. The Chaotix took (Y/n) to this area, a shed that vaguely resembled a safe the only indicator of Silver's prison. Vector squeezed inside first, the door swinging shut behind him. Charmy, Espio, and the (a/t) remained outside until a green light flashed in the center of the door. Espio stepped forward and pulled the door open, waving for Charmy and (Y/n) to enter.

It appeared to be an elevator, and it was a bit of a squeeze to get all three inside, but they managed. The ride down felt like it lasted a lifetime, the box finally slowing to a stop where the door slid open. Vector was waiting, allowing the trio to go in front of him. Before them was a long hallway, drenched in red lighting.

"Friendly," (Y/n) muttered as they started walking.

The silence, only broken by their footsteps, eventually became unbearable. The immune glanced at Espio. "I haven't seen any ghosts," she said dumbly. "You said there were ghosts on the first night; where did they all go?"

"I think Silver ate them," Charmy said. (Y/n) looked down to him with wide eyes. Espio sighed and shook his head.

"No, he didn't," the chameleon said. Charmy glared up at the ninja.

"Pretty sure he did," the bee countered. "Where else would they have gone? He's crazy enough to do it, too."

"Silver scared them off," Espio murmured to (Y/n). "His assassins can touch both ghosts and living Mobians, so whatever ghosts were inhabiting the Assassination Zone moved on to the Burning or Freezing Zones." She looked down, eyes still wide. If the assassins could touch ghosts, which could really only come in contact with a Mobian's spirit, then even the secondary realm wouldn't be a place to hide from them.

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