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No one moved for a few paralyzingly long moments. Then, growing uncomfortable both in the heat and under Shadow's unyielding gaze, (Y/n) took a chance and took a tiny step forward. 

That seemed to snap Shadow out of whatever trance he'd been in and with a guttural shriek, he sprang up and out from under the cot, hands reaching for her. There was a loud bang behind the (a/t) and she flinched, taking several steps back as Shadow flew back into the wall, snarling like a feral beast. He lifted a bare hand to his chest, touching where a new hole now was. 

The robot had shot him, and yet all it had done was seem to make him even more angry. He dropped onto all fours, opening his mouth and screeching loudly. He pushed himself up and paced back and forth across the length of the cell, eyeing all four of them. 

"Like what you see?" Rouge asked. (Y/n) didn't respond, watching Shadow's movements carefully. 

"New...comer," he suddenly rasped out. 

"Not for dinner," Rouge cooed mockingly. The hedgehog's gaze shot over to her and his lips peeled back in an angry sort of smile. The bat's ears flattened, though her eyes remained furious. 

"You have ten seconds," the robot said, his gun charging again. 

"Close the door," (Y/n) said, stepping towards the cell. 

"With you inside?" Blaze asked incredulously. 


"You'll burn up before he can even touch you," Rouge countered. 

"I won't," the (a/t) assured her. "Just put me in there with him." 

"He'll rip you apart," Blaze warned. "He's not who he used to be." 

"I see that." The trio glanced at each other before (Y/n) stepped fully into the cell, Shadow's interest seemingly peaked. The door started to shut behind her. 

"Fooooool," Shadow ground out. He rounded on her, ears pinned flat against his head. "You think you can come in here and survive? Kill me?" He laughed, a horrible, grating noise. "I'm already dead! I'm-" He cut himself off rather abruptly, suddenly clawing at his neck. He collapsed on the ground, writhing and screaming there. (Y/n) stumbled back and pressed herself against the wall, her heart pounding in her chest. 

In all the chaos from before, she suddenly realized, she hadn't noticed the collar. A shining gold collar, unblemished, surrounded his neck, looking a little too tight to be comfortable. That must have been how he was killed by the ghost. She grimaced. 

After a moment of struggle, Shadow went limp on the ground, completely still, hands still latched around his own neck. (Y/n) inched towards him, and, unlike before, he remained unmoving. 

"Shadow?" she tried after a moment. She wasn't too eager to get him riled up again, but she wanted to know he was at least alert. 

Which he was, apparently. 

The second she got close, he shot up, wrapping both hands around her neck and taking her to the floor. She sucked in a breath, his hands burning against her skin. He opened his mouth and let out a feral scream, lifting her off the ground before repeatedly slamming her into it. The door started to open again and before she knew it, a stream of fire burst above her, forcing Shadow to momentarily let go before he tried to go for the (a/t) again, only for two gunshots to go off, both slamming into the dark hedgehog and knocking him off her. 

Blaze rushed into the cell, grabbing (Y/n) and sending another stream of fire that only slowed the hedgehog slightly, before hauling her out, the robot forcing the door shut just as Shadow slammed into it, screaming incoherent phrases and threats. 

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