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A/n: First chapter from Sonic's point of view since the first! I think. 

It was like trying to push against walls that were closing in on him constantly. The ghost was the only thing holding him up or exhaustion would have dragged him down. Or so he thought. It was the same hopeless feeling that had been weighing him down since the first night of the terror now plaguing the world. 

But now he was trying to make room for hope. He was trying to push aside every cold thought from the ghost invading his own. He'd felt free, if only for a minute, but for once, he'd heard peace. He'd heard nothing but his own free breath. 

And from that moment for hours afterwards, Sonic had been rolling around on the ground, gripping his head and snarling like a feral animal, having an inner struggle with his new spirit roommate. 

He crawled under the cot against his will the second the door started to slide back, signifying someone's entrance, almost undoubtedly (Y/n). This time, however, she was accompanied by Tails, only momentarily, he knew. It still made the possessed hedgehog unbelievably sad to see the lack of joy on the yellow fox's face and his blue stump of a hand. It made it just about ten times harder to keep that tiny spark alive. 

"H-hey, Sonic," Tails said, getting down on his knees and peering under the cot. The frozen hedgehog let out an involuntary hiss and the fox's eyes glistened. He quickly batted away the tears to keep them from freezing. "I know it's hard for you to listen to me, but I know you can hear me, at least a little bit. I believe in you. I always have. I always will. And (Y/n) really wants to help you. So please, if there's any of the hero, of the friend I knew, still left in you, please, just come out so that we can go back to the way things were." 

"You should go," (Y/n) murmured. "It's too cold in here. Even I can feel the temperature change." Tails hesitated, staring at Sonic for a moment longer. The hedgehog returned his stare, then shook himself and blinked several times. 

"I will, buddy." The words were soft, barely a whisper, but Tails heard them and the bright look that flashed over his face was so bright and satisfying that Sonic could have melted his frozen self if he had the power. 

"Okay, thank you," Tails said, standing up and giving (Y/n) a quick hug before trotting quickly out of the cell and closing the door behind him. Sonic turned his head to the (a/t), who eyed him, biting her lip. 

"Unfortunately, there aren't spirit workouts, so I'm going to have to go with what I've got," she said, getting onto her knees and peering under the cot. "What? No quips? No sarcasm?" 

"I wish," Sonic said, folding his hands and resting his head on them, blinking once as he stared at her. "You really think you're going to be able to pull another stunt like that again?" 

"I do." 

"Well then." He crawled out from under the cot, standing up with his shoulders hunched, stalking towards her. She stood up, putting her hand on his chest. He gripped it tightly, pulling it away and turning it over so her palm was facing upwards. "Should I warn you about the ghost?"

"What do you mean?" Her voice had a small tremor, not that it had been super confident in the first place. She was losing herself and that worried Sonic. (Y/n) was the only thing that was giving him hope. She was the only thing that could possibly save them from this torment and if she was afraid, or if the ghost got what it wanted....

The ghost wanted to darken her soul. Just enough to devour it. 

But as soon as that tremor entered her voice, it left. "You know what? Save it," she said. "I can take it. Trust me. I don't need to know what the ghost wants, I don't need to know anything about what it's thinking." She stepped closer to Sonic, shoving her face into his. "I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I've been thinking about you. I've been thinking."

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