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A/n: I should have left you all in suspense for longer. Too bad inspiration doesn't wait.

Exhaustion seeped through every bone, his body moving on pure adrenaline and fear. He'd been running all night and he was wearing down. He was sure the ghosts knew this, that they were toying with him at this point.

As long as they stayed away from the Safe Zone, gave Vector, Charmy, and (Y/n) enough time to come up with a real solution.

Espio's foot caught on a loose piece of rubble, sending him tumbling to the ground. His muscles seized, refusing to move as his momentum screeched to a halt. He rolled onto his back, heaving labored breaths.

This was it. This was the end. He closed his eyes, finally allowing himself to rest. It's over. It'll be okay. The ghosts screeched loudly, the temperature dropping several degrees.


"Goodbye, my friends...."


The world was distorted, but clear at the same time. Its feet never missed a step, sprinting easily through the ruined cities. Towards the single, fading light of a living soul.

Find him.

I will.

Those words echoed through its murky thoughts. It was running out of time. Faster.

The broken buildings became a blur. It weaved between broken neighborhoods, past skyscrapers and fallen towers. Faster and faster it ran, until tainted souls filled with rage and hate touched its senses.


Find him.

I will.

It slowed, creeping around the corner and peering out at the throng of ghosts surrounding their prey. A purple chameleon laying on his back, oddly serene despite being cornered by disturbed spirits. He'd accepted his fate.

It stared at the ghosts, rage flaring in its dark chest.

Find him.

I will.

It jumped at the ghosts, letting out a rasping cry. Its hands latched onto the hatred and fear, tearing at the threads tethering them to this mortal plane. Several ghosts scattered, their projected fear turning inwards as they disappeared. It turned to the remaining few, tilting its head at an awkward angle. It snarled, feigning a lunge towards the spirits and sending them skittering backwards.

It whirled around at a pained cry. A stray ghost had snuck up behind him, plunging its mangled hands into the chameleon's chest.

Find him.

I will.

It was frozen. Watching as a purple light and a muddled blue lifted into the air and the chameleon's body fell limp on the ground. Then they shot together, the beautiful purple becoming one with the ugly blue of the ghost.

It's not too late.

It sprang forward, the single light lowering back towards the chameleon's body as its claws made contact with the ghost's fading form. It shrieked, diving towards the chameleon in a last ditch attempt to escape it. It jumped forwards with the ghost, wrapping its claws around the creature's hateful core, merging with the chameleon's.

It squeezed. The ghost shrieked, scrabbling at its new host.

And then the ghost was gone, exploding into brilliant blue stretches of light that faded quickly.

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