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"Just keep him down for me," (Y/n) said the next day as she stood outside Shadow's cell with Omega standing stiffly beside her. "Hopefully, this won't take long." 

"I have a limited amount of strength and resistance against his heat," Omega responded. "I estimate you have approximately three minutes and twelve seconds with direct contact." 

"Should be enough. I can kick someone out in ten seconds." The former Badnik's gear whirred as he seemed to process this, before he then opened the door. A low growl sounded, and, similar to their first encounter, it took a moment for the (a/t) to spot Shadow, crouched in the corner this time, one hand working at the gold collar. 

The door ground shut and there were several clicks as Omega unsheathed several guns, all swiveling to point at the dark hedgehog. Said Mobian peeled back his lips and hissed, dropping both hands to the floor and curling his fingers. 

"Ready?" (Y/n) murmured. Another click, then a loud shot. The bullet hit the ground near Shadow, though it still seemed force him into action, the possessed hedgehog springing up and leaping straight for Omega. The robot knocked him to the side with his servo, turning and grabbing one of his wrists and pulling back. Shadow shrieked, trying to twist out, but Omega grabbed his other arm, pulling him back while his pede pressed down sharply on his back.

"Now, (Y/n)." 

She jumped forward, placing her hand on Shadow's head. He tried to shake her off, but the Badnik had a firm grip on him, though his armor was already smoking. "Alright, come on," she whispered, closing her eyes and pulling. She recalled how it had felt the first time with Sonic and braced herself, stepping back and trying to pull Shadow with her. 

The ghost was not having it. 

Shadow still cried out, sounding more normal, before he completely collapsed. (Y/n) then found herself outside of her body, a hideous looking Mobian leaping for her. She gasped, jumping to the side. In the next instant, Tikal had stepped forward, kicking the ghost backwards and holding him there by some unknown force. 

"What happened?" the (a/t) shouted to her guardian. 

"The ghost sensed the connection developing and acted on it instead of Shadow. My guess is that Shadow was confused and didn't know how to react in time." 

"Well, how do we switch them around?" 

"Release the ghost. Omega cannot hold Shadow down, however. He will have to retreat." 

"Great." She sighed, sending the ghost back. It wailed as it did so, and Tikal stumbled, shuffling back as (Y/n) returned to her body and stood up.

"Alright, Omega," she said. "Step out. I'm going to give this a shot myself." 

"Are you certain you can handle him?" Shadow was now back to thrashing around, gaining more wiggle room as Omega's grip weakened. 

"No, but you for sure can't. Let Blaze know I'm still in here." She took a few steps back as Omega forced his limbs to move, releasing Shadow. The hedgehog bounded away from him the second he was free, shaking himself off. The Badnik retreated through the door, the metal clanging shut after his exit. 

With only one target left, Shadow turned to the (a/t), who flattened her ears. "Okay," she said, moving around as he prowled towards her. "I know it's apparently hard for you to hear me, Shadow, but I need you to listen. I'm going to, say, extend and invitation to you. I need you to trust me, because I need to talk to you." 

To her surprise, the hedgehog suddenly stood up straight, opening his arms. "Talk to him? He's right here," he rasped. "What's left of him. What's left of me. I suppose it's a good lesson learned, you know, to have your soul trapped inside of something far more dangerous and vicious than you've ever known." His teeth clacked as he grit them, squeezing his eyes shut and angling his head awkwardly. His whole body shook and he lowered to all fours, panting. 

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