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"Alright, close your eyes and focus on nothing but your breathing," (Y/n) said, following her own instructions. She cracked her eyes open a moment later to see Tails with his chin lifted, eyes squeezed shut tightly, one hand in a meditating position, his stump poised on his other knee. "Just be calm." 

"Does it feel weird?" the yellow fox asked timidly. 

"At first. But then it just feels like you're floating. You're used to that, right?" Tails nodded, his ears twitching. "Then this should be a piece of cake for you. Tikal will also be in there to help you when I pull you out, okay?" Another nod from her 'student'. "Okay. Now...just breathe." 

A moment later, everything fell silent but for the pair's soft breaths. "Ready?" (Y/n) murmured. She didn't get a response and smiled softly, slipping out of her body. She moved over to Tails, who was still sitting in a faithful meditating position. Tikal was already standing by the young engineer and nodded at the (a/t). With that confirmation, she touched her hand to Tails' shoulder and lifted it. 

The two-tailed fox appeared in the secondary realm with a gasp, looking around. "Wow!" he exclaimed after a moment, looking down at his body, which had slumped forward. He then lifted his hands, his face lighting up. He flexed his fingers on the hand that would usually be missing, turning to (Y/n). "Thank you!" He leaped towards her, tackling her in a hug. She laughed lightly, returning the embrace. 

Tails pulled away after a moment, beaming as he looked around. "This is so cool!" he said, leaning over by (Y/n)'s body. "Do you do this all the time? Do you just wander around?" 

"Sometimes," she said, still feeling slightly awkward about the time she'd walked in on him and Amy's conversation. "That was while I was still getting the hang of it, though." She stepped forward, putting her hand on his shoulder. "I need you to come with me, though. We're going to pay your best friend a visit." 

Tails' excited demeanor faltered a bit and (Y/n)'s heart broke slightly. "Tails?" 

"I...I'm afraid," he said, stepping away from her and turning away from the (a/t). "He's not who he used to be and I just...." He gripped the hand that was supposed to be missing, closing his eyes to the oncoming tears. (Y/n) smiled softly. 

"I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, then."


The trio stepped into Sonic's cell a few minutes later after (Y/n) had convinced Tails to come with her and Tikal. They were still in spirit form since Tails' body would freeze over if left without a spirit in Sonic's presence. 

(Y/n) took a deep breath, steeling herself to get ready to hold two spirits at once. Tails was definitely easier since he didn't have a ghost trying to drag him back in, but that didn't say she could continue to hold him and Sonic at the same time. 

She felt the yellow fox latch onto her arm suddenly when Sonic slid off his cot, head tilted at an awkward angle, arms hanging loosely in front of him as he started towards them. "What's going on?" Tails asked in a trembling voice. 

"The ghost can sense our spirits," (Y/n) said in a calm voice, trying to pass it on to Tails. "Stay here for a moment. Tikal...." The orange echidna nodded and the pair stepped forward, going through the same routine they had fallen into whenever pulling Sonic out of his body. 

The ice around him shattered and Tails yelped behind them. "Tails," (Y/n) said in a strained tone, "I need you to stay calm, please." She felt the strain on her hold lessen slightly and she turned her to give him a reassuring smile. 

There was a loud shriek before Sonic popped out of his body and his body collapsed in a deformed heap. "Whoa," he said, pressing his hand to his forehead. "That one was a little rough, wouldn't you agree?" (Y/n) simply smiled and he tilted his head, confused. "What are you smiling about...?" Then he noticed Tails standing by the door, eyes wide, ears flat against his head. "Buddy?" 

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