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A/n: This beautiful and also terrifying work of art above was done by AnimationCatAgain!

Also, for those who may not have seen it, there is now a Do You Believe in Ghosts? Extras book with the first five pages of the comic version of Missing Heroes and some other works of art done by ShiftingStar unless otherwise stated, so go check that out!

(Y/n) stared at Silver, his grin widening. He was bleeding from several cuts all over his body, his chest fur stained and matted.

She didn't get much more time to study him before he was springing towards her, hands reaching for her. She stumbled backwards, though Espio had already moved and threw his shoulder into Silver's ribs, sending the possessed hedgehog skidding to the side. Silver screeched, his head tilting to the side at an awkward angle.

"I'll hold him down, but you have to get him out fast or he'll create assassins," Espio said without looking at the (a/t), drawing a pair of knives and stalking towards Silver. The chameleon leaped at the hedgehog, swinging his blades. (Y/n) dropped to her knees, forcing herself into the secondary realm and jumping to her feet. It was relatively quiet, unlike before, as the ghost was occupied with Espio.

"Alright, Silver," she muttered, moving over to the hedgehog. Espio had already lost one of his blades and was struggling to keep Silver's hands away from his face, when the ivory Mobian suddenly paused, head cocking to the side.

"Special friend," he said, squeezing one of Espio's wrists and drawing a pained cry from the chameleon. (Y/n) extended a hand towards him, searching for Silver's presence.

"Where are you?" she whispered. "Talk to me." The ghost's head snapped back to Espio, the former baring his teeth. The (a/t) reached forward, passing her hand through Silver's shoulder. The hedgehog shrieked, throwing Espio to the side and lifting both hands towards the immune. She took several steps backwards as a dark shape formed before her, red eyes flaring. The assassin lunged for her, but it didn't get far before a shuriken was buried into its neck and it collapsed. Silver gave a guttural snarl, turning back to Espio.

"You and I," the ghost sneered, shuffling towards the chameleon, "we have fun together." Espio pushed himself up and (Y/n) moved forward, hovering her hand over Silver's shoulder.

"Come on," she murmured. "Sonic, Shadow, I need your help. Please." She closed her eyes, sweeping the secondary realm for any sign of Silver. She opened her eyes after a moment. "Gotcha."

Silver sprang towards Espio, but the (a/t) flung both hands out, blue and red light filling the secondary realm. A piercing scream sounded and she flinched. "Come on, Silver!" she yelled, moving her hands to cover her ears. The light dimmed and she stumbled, lifting her head. Silver's body was on the ground, but he was still moving, bracing himself with mangled wrists. He made a garbled noise, blood dripping onto the floor beneath him.

"Death. Vengeance," he spat, pushing back onto his haunches and twisting his head back to look at (Y/n). "Pure spirit! Die, die, die, die, die!" He jumped to his feet, stumbling towards the (a/t)'s body. Espio moved between them, but in a flash, Silver had one of the chameleon's discarded blades in his hands. He threw it, catching the ninja in the shoulder, the force of it throwing him into the wall. The ghost reached for (Y/n), and she let out a frustrated cry, throwing herself back into her body and rolling away just as his bloody hands closed around where her neck had been.

The door slammed open and Vector burst into the cell, his fist connected with Silver's face and sending the hedgehog flying backwards. "Get out of here," the crocodile ordered to (Y/n), scooping Espio off the floor and rushing towards the door as Silver regained his footing and scrambled after them. The trio exited the cell and Vector shoved the door back in place, the locks twisting automatically. Silver pounded against the door furiously, shrieking unintelligible threats.

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