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A/n: Apparently I'm really excited for the Assassination Zone.

(Y/n) was wishing she'd spent the night sleeping by the time they reached the border. Just like in the Freezing Zone, the line was abrupt, leading from scorched dirt to greenery and dull blue skies. The air was still and silent and she briefly considered turning around. Assassins. 

"Don't be afraid," Blaze said, placing a comforting hand on the (a/t)'s shoulder. "You have already made it this far." The princess turned (Y/n) to fully face her, gazing at her with steady amber eyes. "You will be able to reach Silver. I am sure of it." 

"Thanks," she said, hugging herself. Blaze glanced down briefly, then sighed and brought her gaze back up to the (a/t)'s. 

"Would you be willing to give Silver a message for me?" she asked quietly. (Y/n) blinked, then nodded. 

"Of course." Blaze smiled softly. 

"Tell him...tell him I am sorry I could not be with him. Tell him that I believe there is a future out there for all of us. For him. And that I miss him." (Y/n) tentatively set her hands on Blaze's shoulders and nodded again. 

"I promise I'll get it to him," she said. The princess dipped her head and turned towards the border. 

"Thank you. Now, you must be going. Stay safe and return to us soon." (Y/n) gave the cat a small smile before stepping towards the border. 

"Thanks, Blaze," she said. "For everything." 

"It was our pleasure. Farewell, (Y/n) the (A/t)." Blaze lifted a hand in farewell and the (a/t) returned the gesture before turning towards the border and stepping across.


She almost had a heart attack when someone grabbed her and dragged her into a patch of grass so tall only her ears poked over the top. 

"Hey! It's okay! It's okay! Please stop panicking!" She shoved her assailant off her and whirled around, holding her hands up defensively in front of her, only to drop them when seeing a perfectly normal Mobian. Actually, several. 

"What's going on?" she whispered, glancing back over her shoulder to the border. She could barely see a streak of purple through the grass where Blaze was, and that disappeared a moment later as the cat turned around and presumably started to head back to Shadow's camp. 

"Crossing group," the Mobian whispered. He pointed over his shoulder to where a large crocodile was pacing at the front of the group, a small bee perched on his shoulder with a sign held above his head. 

"Be as quiet as possible," (Y/n) read softly. She promptly shut her mouth, staring as the bee flipped the sign. Stick together and follow us. A third sign. Espio (purple chameleon) will bring up the rear. The crocodile started moving, the Mobians in the crossing group linking hands with whoever was closest. The Mobian beside (Y/n) grabbed her hand, pulling her forward. The bee pulled another sign. Let's go!

(Y/n) almost screamed when another Mobian suddenly appeared beside her, a transparent blue shield in one hand, a knife in the other. She pressed her free hand to her chest, taking a deep breath. He glanced at her. 

"Sorry," he mouthed. She blinked. Purple chameleon. This was Espio. He didn't waste time staring, his eyes flicking in every direction. His wariness was not exactly comforting. Then again, they hadn't even dared to call out instructions, instead using signs. 

Her head whipped to her right as a shriek sounded, far too close for comfort. Her ears flattened and the Mobian gripping her hand squeezed it nervously. She wanted to ask what had made the noise - a monster or an assassin? The assassins were awfully loud, if that was the case. 

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