The Immune

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"(Y/n), come on! You have to come inside! You know what happens at night! And how in the world are you not freezing to death?" 

(Y/n) the (A/t) turned to face her friend, (F/n). She jerked her head inside, tugging on the blanket draped around her shoulders. She had at least three with her coat underneath and she was wearing ski pants with at least two pairs of sweatpants underneath. 

"One more second," the (a/t) said. She turned back to the outdoors. Everything was frosted over and the temperatures were well below zero. It had been that way for at least a month. Nothing was growing, and the electricity was no longer available. So, Mobians had no resorted to asking the one region of the world that still had power and temperatures that could grow things for sustenance. A lot of the families in the frozen or burning cities went hungry at night. 

Anyone who was outside for more than ten minutes in the cold regions froze to death. It was simply too cold to be out there. Nothing could survive outdoors, and especially not at night. Monsters and ghosts came out at night. They already had many possessed souls wandering around the city, but the bodies didn't last long and the ghosts were back at it in a night or two. The monsters seemed resistant to the cold. 

Just like (Y/n). 

The (a/t) had spent hours on end in the below freezing temperatures and had been just fine. She was still cold and required a coat, but it was the fact that she could survive in the cold when no one else could that got to her. 

"Okay, it's been more than a second. Come inside, girl! I think my snot is freezing!" 

"TMI," (Y/n) said, turning to her friend and following her inside. (F/n) closed the door and shoved a towel on the bottom to prevent the frost from intruding. 

"It's true," (F/n) said, standing up and tucking her hands back into her bundle. "I'm going to sit by the fire. Can you and your already insulated body please go and get me some ice to melt into water?" (Y/n) sighed and walked into the kitchen while her friend waddled into the living room where the fire was constantly burning. (F/n)'s brother was already in there, shivering by the fire with a glass of water, probably newly melted. 

The (a/t) opened the fridge and grabbed the knife, frost coating the blade. She blew it off and jammed it into the ice block that was once their water storage, carving out a block that could fit into a cup. She dropped the block into the cup and carried it over to the pair by the fire, situation herself beside (F/n) and handing her the cup. 

"So...I have a story," (F/n) said. "Once upon a time, a city froze and the hero that was supposed to be protecting us disappeared. I bet he froze to death just like everyone else. The end."

"You tell this story every day," her brother said, rolling his eyes. 

"Well, maybe if I tell it enough, he'll be offended enough to return and save us all," she retorted, turning her nose up. 

"Forget it," (Y/n) said, wrapping her arms around herself. "If he was going to save us, he would have done it already. Or at least given us the confirmation that he was working to solve the problem. Let's face it. Sonic is gone, and from what we've heard from the messengers from the burning and assassination zones, so are Shadow and Silver." 

"You're probably right, but that doesn't stop me from hoping," (F/n) said, staring into the fire. "We aren't going to last much longer without a hero to save us, and with no working tech, our options are pretty narrow." The other two nodded in agreement. The world was in a difficult position, and conditions for survival were declining. Without the heroes, no one would last long. 


"Douse it," (Y/n) said, nodding at the fire. (F/n)'s brother did as he was told, taking the fire out. They all then stood up and headed into the basement, curling up in a closet together. 

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