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(Y/n) had become rather good at separating her spirit from her body by the end of the week, or what the group assumed was the end of the week. She'd managed to walk around the bunker for about a half hour, though she tried to stay out of the way of the others. One time she'd slipped into a room without knowing Amy and Tails were in there, realizing after a tearful confession from Amy to the young fox that she should probably leave.

Knuckles spent most of his time alone. (Y/n) had learned he beat himself up daily for not being able to save Angel Island, to fulfill his duty. Everyone was beating themselves up.

And then she had dared to venture above, confident her body was safe in the bunker, and gone into Sonic's cell. Tikal accompanied her, though they really only observed.

The blue hedgehog really didn't do much during the day. No wonder he enjoyed her company. What a boring life. He rolled together snowballs and chucked them at the walls, laid on his cot, and laid on his cot some more.

Then he started getting fidgety. (Y/n) glanced at Tikal, nervous. Her guardian left the cell to go see if there was someone outside. The (a/t) kept an eye on Sonic, staying by the door.

"There's no one out there," Tikal said. Oh, how (Y/n) wished the echidna knew everything. Then Sonic turned his head towards them. "I was just about to say that I'm certain the ghost can sense you. You are not dead. Your spiritual presence is stronger than mine and it can sense you."

"So, should we leave?" (Y/n) asked as Sonic slid off his cot with a thump, standing up and slinking towards them, mouth opening slightly. "Okay, yeah, I'm leaving."

And then she snapped back into her body, jolting upright with a gasp. She wrapped her arms around herself as warmth seeped back into her limbs, smiling to herself. She was getting good at this. Which meant maybe...she could start trying on Sonic.

"Tikal," she called, looking around for a reflective surface. "How do I connect to Sonic? And Sonic alone without the ghost?"

"I'm not sure," Tikal said, appearing in a slightly reflective spot on the door. "It is a very deep, searching process and honestly, for him, it might be painful."

"But...he can't feel pain," the (a/t) said.

"His spirit is definitely prone to it. Though his body may have been deprived of such feeling, his spirit is very much alive. It is simply bound to the hopeless, pained feeling of the ghost, making it so he is numbed to such feelings. But trying to tear him from the grip of the ghost can be straining and dangerous. I would suggest easing into the process first."

"You haven't been wrong yet," (Y/n) said. "Do you think I could like...I don't know. You said I had to be connected."

"I'm not sure what it means. This is the experimental stage," Tikal said, somewhat apologetically.

"It's okay," the (a/t) assured her. "I'll see what I can do."


After she'd checked with Tails to see what time the fox predicted it was, she went up to Sonic's cell in person as it was about noon. She looked up as she headed to the boxy building, spotting the sun around the middle of the sky. Tails really was a genius, she thought as she smiled.

Entering the code, she stepped in and closed the door. "I'm here," she said dryly.

"Oh, good! I was wondering when you'd show up. I got all tingly earlier today. Kind of weird. Not fun, though." Sonic let out a dry laugh, passing a ball of ice between his hands as he laid on his back on his cot. "Then again, nothing's fun anymore."

"You can't feel pain. Can you feel nice things?" (Y/n) asked, moving over and sitting on the edge of the cot.

"I don't know. No one's tried to give me nice things. And if you mean something like a massage, if someone touches me, they, uh...." He waved his hand, or the hand that Tails had lost. "Yeah. Why?"

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