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"You look so pretty when you cry" Mel said as he stroked in and out of me hard. It was too much for me to handle like I thought. We had already gone three rounds. I loved that he had such high stamina but sometimes I can't handle the amount of rounds he wants to go everyday. He wiped the tears off my cheek as I moaned. I moved my hand trying to grab the edge of the bed to get away but he just pulled me back. He gripped my waist making me stay in place. "Stop trying to run away." He said sternly. I closed my eyes turning my head to the side burying my head into the pillow as my eyes rolled back. I moaned with each thrust he made. He leaned down kissing my earlobe. "You like that?" He said lowly in my ear as he pounded into me. I moaned as he kissed down to my chest. How was he not tired yet? I thought I would pass out any second now. I felt his thrusts slow down knowing this was a sign that he was about to cum. "Oh fuck." He moaned under his breath laying his head on my shoulder. My vision got blurry as he sped up his pace one last time before he pulled out. He grunted as I felt the warm liquid on my stomach.

He lifted his body off top of me sitting up. His dreads covered his eyes as he looked down breathing heavily. He grunted moving my legs from around him while I gripped the pillow tightly. I was dazed. I couldn't even think straight. He stood up sighing pulling his boxers on. "You okay?" He asked sitting on the bed looking over at me. He laid his hand on the back of my shoulder rubbing it lightly while my eyes were barely open. "Mhmm" I hummed. "You want to take a bath?" He asked before leaning down kissing my temple. I held out my arms wanting him to pick me up. He chuckled lifting me bringing me to the bathroom.

My whole body felt sore to the point where I didn't have enough strength to move. I laid my head on his chest feeling myself close to falling asleep. "Baby you can't fall asleep yet." He said sitting me on the counter. I wrapped my arms around his neck laying my head on his shoulder. "I gotta turn the water on." He said chuckling trying to pull me off of him. "I'm tired." I whined still holding onto him. "I'll be quick." He said. I sighed letting go of him. He turned on the water letting the tub fill up for a little bit before I got inside. "I gotta go change the sheets I'll be right back." He said standing walking out the door.


After taking a bath I put on the shirt Mel gave me and laid down. "You feel better?" He asked holding my hand. "Yes." I said as he bought my hand to his mouth kissing it. Mel's aftercare was my favorite and always did make me feel better. He laid down next to me wrapping his arms around me carefully. I laid my head on his shoulder putting my leg across his waist soon falling asleep.


I woke up looking at the time seeing it was four in the morning. I had a headache. I moved my body slightly feeling Mel's arm on my head. I groaned knowing that it was probably the cause of my headache. He always wanted to be so close all the time. It was a little tiring but I didn't mind too much. I moved him off of me sitting up. His other arm was still snaked around my waist. I sat there for a minute rubbing my eyes letting the blood flow down my body until I felt Mel's hand move. "Mmm baby what's wrong?" Mel mumbled in his tired voice wrapping his other arm around my waist. It really still surprised me how he was such a heavy sleeper but only woke up when I moved at night. I've noticed since the beginning of our relationship but Mel was really clingy sometimes. I laughed to myself lightly before turning to look at him. "Nothing baby go back to sleep." I said softly stroking his temple moving his hair out of his face. He closed his eyes back not saying anything else.

After a few minutes I moved his arms from around me carefully getting up. I whimpered feeling like my whole body would collapse. I quickly grabbed onto the wall holding my balance for a minute before limping out into the living room. I picked up my canvas from the drying rack going to the spare room I used for doing art. I sat the canvas on my stand sitting down on my stool. I stared at it for a moment thinking. I pulled out my supplies finally getting the inspiration I needed to add to my work.

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