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It had been almost two weeks since Mel's been gone. His trip got extended because there was more work his boss wanted him to get done while he was away with his business partner. I didn't like talking on the phone much and he was always pretty busy so I never really called him but we did text often. I groaned burying my head in the pillow on the bed. He told me he would come back in two days but I didn't want to wait anymore. This was way harder for me than I thought. I always thought Mel was the one with the high sex drive but I feel like I might die. I looked at my phone seeing if he texted me back but he didn't. I turned over standing up going to the kitchen. The plus side of this was that I had plenty of time to finish and turn in my canvas so it would be displayed in the exhibit in about a month. I was super excited for it and couldn't wait to go see it with Mel.

I looked at the time seeing it was almost eight at night. I put my dishes from what I ate for dinner in the sink while I was in the kitchen. I heard a knock at the door. I looked over thinking that maybe it might've been the guy who brought our packages up to us sometimes when we didn't go get them from downstairs earlier in the day. A few days ago I ordered new art supplies and a new camera so I hoped it would be that. I happily went to the door opening it excited about trying out my new things.

To my surprise I saw Mel at the door. My eyes widened as I smiled happily letting out a small scream. I jumped into his arms wrapping my arms around him tightly hearing him laugh. "Baby I missed you so much." I said standing on my tippy toes kissing him before he could even say anything. I moved my hands to his face kissing him deeper slipping my tongue into his mouth. I felt his hands on my waist pushing me away lightly. I pulled away looking into his eyes. He licked his lips before my saliva could drip down to his chin. "I missed you too love." He said lowly as his eyes moved down to my lips. "Come inside." I said happily moving my hands away from his face pulling him into the door. I closed it grabbing ahold of his hand skipping away happily to our room.

"Oh?" He said surprised, raising his eyebrows as I pushed him down onto the bed. "Just right to it?" He asked looking up at me as I climbed onto the bed hovering over him. "Yea, right to it." I said unbuttoning his shirt. He chuckled looking up at the ceiling.

I didn't dominate much when we were in bed but today I was up for it. I've only done it a few times on special occasions and Mel liked it, I just didn't do it often. I leaned down kissing him as my hand went down to the bulge in his pants. I rubbed on him kissing from his lips down to his neck leaving a mark. It felt like it had been forever since I last touched him. I pulled away from his neck hearing him moan lightly. I looked down at him seeing him sit up on his elbows as he closed his eyes. "My hand feels that good?" I asked. He grunted opening his eyes looking up at me with a desperate look on his face. I smiled stopping my hand from rubbing him, unbuckling his pants. I pulled them down seeing his dick spring out.

He was just as eager as me. I sat up on the bed straddling his thighs. I looked down at him watching the precum drip from his tip. I put my finger on it seeing him twitch as he grunted softly throwing his head back. "You were already hard to the point where you're dripping?" I asked teasingly. I only touched lightly but he already seemed like he couldn't bare waiting anymore. "I've wanted to feel you so bad for days baby." He said desperately looking at me. I smiled pulling off my underwear feeling that I was already dripping wet. His words just made it better. I wanted him inside me so bad too. I positioned myself over top of him sliding down slowly at first. I felt one of his hands go to my waist. I looked down at him stopping his hand. "No you can't touch me yet." I said. He grunted lowly dropping his hand from my waist back onto the bed. Despite the fact that I craved his touch I wanted to tease him a little longer after knowing how bad he wanted me. I bit my bottom lip pushing him fully into me.

I gasped lightly looking up feeling how deep inside of me he was. I moaned putting my hands behind me on his thighs before starting my steady movement as I rode him. I felt my clit throbbing with how much I was anticipating this to happen for the past two weeks. He was hitting so deep inside me I could barely even think straight.

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