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I sat across from Mel in a booth as he ordered the food he wanted. I wasn't paying much attention to it while I scrolled on my phone looking at the pictures we took at the museum. I smiled looking at one with Mel behind me and his arms wrapped around my shoulders. He was looking at me smiling as I smiled at the camera. "Mel look." I said showing him all the pictures we took. He always liked when we took pictures together. He smiled at the pictures as he scrolled through them.

It wasn't long before our food and drinks came. I put my phone away picking up my fork. Me and Mel talked about nothing in particular, just random chats as we ate our food.

I looked at his plate asking to try his food. He put some on his fork holding my chin as he fed it to me. "It's good?" He asked laughing slightly still holding onto my chin. "Yea." I said smiling. He raised his other hand wiping his thumb across my mouth before licking his finger. "Mel!" I said slightly shocked. "What?" He asked looking down at my lips. "You had something on your mouth." He said. "You know we're in public." I said trying to move my face away from his hand. He grabbed a hold of my face this time with more force. "You know, I think I'm in the mood for something a little rougher tonight." He said lowly looking into my eyes. I felt my heartbeat speed up knowing he meant something along the bdsm line of things.

My fingers dug into my other hands palm under the table as I hoped nobody was watching us. He was being a little bold for us to be in public. He licked his lips letting my chin go. I felt my face grow hot as I looked at him. I'm not surprised but I am at the same time. He's always been like this but it just seemed a little different tonight. I tilted my head seeing him sip from his cup that was halfway gone. I stared at it for a second knowing exactly why he was acting like this.

"What'd you get to drink? Let me taste." I said grabbing his cup before he said anything. I drank from the straw definitely tasting alcohol. "Are you serious?" I asked raising my eyebrows at him. "I'm not even drunk though." He said leaning back in his seat. "But you're driving." I said panicking slightly. "I wouldn't put you in danger like that, you can drive tonight." He said adjusting his belt. I looked down and could already tell he was hard. "You're a slut." I said narrowing my eyes at him. He laughed looking up at the ceiling. "I'll fuck yo-" Before he could finish I cut him off. "Mel we're in public." I said harshly. He looked back at me smirking. "Baby you look so good tonight though." He said. I stared at him for a second before I looked over at the waitress who came to our table. I told her we were done and gave her Mel's card.

Once everything was situated I stood up grabbing my purse. "Give me the keys." I said to Mel as we walked out the door. He dug in his pocket pulling them out sighing. I took them walking towards the car. I felt his arms wrap around me from behind. "Baby you mad at me?" He asked kissing my neck. "No" I said looking over at him. His eyes were low but I knew he was still full of energy. I've learned that from my experience drinking with him over the years. He leaned in trying to kiss my lips but I turned my head. He sucked his teeth making me laugh.

I pulled his arms from around me going to get in the car. I put on my seatbelt starting up the car. I never really liked to drive because it always made me anxious unless I was driving with Mel. I wasn't too anxious right now though and it was a plus that the drive wasn't too long.

When we got home we rode the elevator going up to our apartment floor. "C'mere." Mel said pulling me by my waist from behind towards him as I walked ahead of him in the hall. "Mel stop." I said arriving at the front of our door. He grabbed me by my throat pulling my head back so I was looking up at him. He leaned down kissing my lips for a good minute making my legs feel like jelly. He pulled away slowly as he let go of my throat. "You're so impatient." I said wiping my mouth with the back of my hand. He chuckled as I unlocked the door. I could feel my hand shaking slightly knowing that this man was going to ruin me tonight.

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