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"What if somebody sees." I said climbing on top of Mel. He reclined the seat back so it wouldn't be uncomfortable for us. "They won't." He said turning up the music that played on the aux connected to his phone a little. "This is a parking lot though, anyone could come at anytime." I said full of worries. "Relax you thinking too much." He said sliding his hands higher on my thighs to my dress pulling it up. "Just focus on me." He said gazing up at me. I smiled looking back at him. "Okay." I said softly.

I pulled down my underwear as he watched me. "You've been really reckless today." I said giggling unbuckling his pants. "Couldn't help it when you look this good." He said moving his hands to my chest. "Yea?" I said smiling pulling him out of his boxers seeing he was already rock hard. I positioned myself over top of him bracing myself, sliding down slowly. I closed my eyes furrowing my eyebrows realizing how much I was waiting for this feeling all night. I let out a shaky moan after sliding all the way down. I put my hands on his chest catching myself from almost falling underestimating how tired I actually was. "You okay?" He asked placing his hands back on my hips. "Yea." I panted leaning down kissing him. He gripped my waist thrusting up into me making me moan into his mouth. I pulled away kissing down to his neck as he kept going in and out of me. He grunted moving his hands down to my ass.

I moaned against his neck while he thrusted deep into me hitting the same spot over and over. I raised my head looking down at him as I panted. "Mmm... yea right there..." I moaned moving my hands to his shoulders. He looked up at me with lust all in his eyes. "I love hearing you." He mumbled leaning in kissing my collarbone. I giggled sliding my hand up to his face. I turned his head back towards me kissing him. Where ever we were the sex was always good. I was rarely ever unsatisfied by him. He bit my lip lightly licking my bottom lip as I tried to pull away. I whimpered softly wanting to pull away. He smirked letting go of my lip before kissing back down to my neck giving me chills. I moaned lightly feeling myself about to cum. "Baby..." I trailed off. "Go head." He said lowly slowing down his pace.


I sat up on the bed barely even awake as Mel took off my shoes. He unbuckled the straps on my heels pulling them off getting up afterwards. I started to doze off until I heard rustling and Mel coming back over to me. I squeezed my eyes closed tightly feeling the familiar feeling of my makeup wipe on my face. I leaned back slightly only for me to plop backwards on the bed. I could hear Mel laugh. "C'mon sit up, I have to finish wiping your face and take your dress off." He said. "Mmm I'm tired." I mumbled. He groaned grabbing my wrists pulling me up.

I don't remember the last time I was tired like this. He wiped the rest of my face putting on my moisturizer afterwards. "That feels good." I mumbled softly referring to him rubbing my face. "Really?" He replied chuckling. Once he finished he pulled off my dress taking my hair out of the now messy and frizzy bun it was in. He opened my drawer pulling out one of my bonnets putting it onto my head. I closed my eyes as he pulled a shirt over my head. "Okay now you can sleep." He said cupping my face with his hands. He leaned down kissing my forehead. "Thank you, I love you." I said softly looking up at him. "I love you more." He mumbled rubbing my face lightly before letting me go. "One kiss." I whined, my eyes barely even open. He chuckled leaning down kissing my lips lightly for a few seconds before pulling away. "Now sleep." He said before walking out of the room. I looked at the door wondering what he went to do for a minute. He might've gone to put his clothes and mine in the hamper in the laundry room. I laid down pulling the covers over me turning off the lamp next to the bed. As soon as my head hit the pillow I was fast asleep.


I woke up feeling Mel's hand on my waist as his head laid close to the back of my neck. I looked at the clock seeing it was almost seven in the morning. I rubbed my eyes sitting up. I slid out of Mel's grasp moving his arms from around me. I stood going to use the bathroom. Thinking back on yesterday it was such a fun experience for me. I'm so grateful and glad that I got the chance to present my work to all of those people. I'm also so grateful that I have someone like Mel as my partner for this time in my life. He really is such an amazing person and shows how much he loves me everyday. I sighed pulling off my clothes deciding to shower. I sat in the shower planning out my day. I would have to do the laundry and make breakfast once I got out and then later wash the dishes and check my work email to see if I got any emails from work after last night or some commissions.

I rinsed the soap off of my body before getting out of the shower. I walked out of the bathroom seeing Mel was still asleep which was a surprise because he usually got up not long after he felt me leave. He must've been really tired but then again he's also a pretty heavy sleeper. Maybe I just moved careful enough for him not to notice. I put on my underwear pulling on one of Mel's shirts before walking out of the room. I started on making breakfast letting my thoughts roam around in my head. I always thought too hard about things that people would say didn't need much thought to them. It was a habit I picked up since I was young. Keeping myself busy was the only way I could try and at least distract myself from thinking too hard.

I put the stack of pancakes I made on a plate walking back to our room. "Mel." I said climbing onto the bed. "You awake yet?" I asked moving his hair out of his face. "I made breakfast." I said as he moved a little. He opened his eyes slightly while I caressed the side of his face. "Mmm." He hummed lightly. I leaned down kissing his cheek before standing. "Try it please." I said happily holding up the plate. It took him a few seconds before he sat up stretching, sitting on the edge of the bed. I held up the fork to his mouth feeding him a piece of the pancake. "It's good." He said smiling softly, pulling me by my waist towards him. "I would hope so." I said giggling feeling his hands move to my waist. "Mel wait, I have other things to do." I said seeing him pull up my shirt. "I'm not going to do anything." He mumbled before kissing along my belly button. My eyes widened slightly as I put down the plate. I grabbed a hold of his hands pulling myself away. He looked up at me pouting slightly.

"Later." I said sternly letting go of his hands. Before he could say anything I leaned down pecking his lips lightly tasting syrup. "Once I finish everything I have to do today." I said walking out the room. I went to the laundry room going to go do the laundry for the day. I put the clothes in the washing machine stopping when I heard my phone chime. I grabbed my phone looking seeing I had a text from a number that I didn't save. I opened the message reading it realizing it was from one of my old coworkers and classmate named Jay. I smiled at the message remembering how he was one of the only other black artist I've worked with since college. In the message he was saying how he had gotten my number from my work website. He had seen my piece at the museum and wanted to work with me.

Jay was a pretty talented artists and I loved working with him back when I did. If I could work with him now and see how his art has developed over the years then I feel it would definitely be a fun and good opportunity for me. Especially since in his message he also said how his current work that he wants me to do with him would be displayed somewhere widespread. My only problem was that back when I worked with Jay in college Mel hated him. He always thought he had some ulterior motive with me but I felt like he was just being over dramatic and jealous. I'm sure now he has matured and wouldn't think it's a problem for me to work with him. Hopefully.

I replied to his message accepting his offer of working with him on the piece he was doing. He replied quicker than I thought asking if I wanted to meet with him sometime this week. I sat there for a minute staring at the message thinking about it. I should probably tell Mel about it just to be considerate of his feelings. I replied to the message telling him I would let him know later. I sat down my phone sighing continuing with the laundry.


Just adding some new spice AH!

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