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I sat on Mel's lap on a sofa in the club once he came back from talking to his friends in the section Reece rented out. We had already greeted everyone and been here for almost two hours. Reece's girlfriend Jasmine was here and she was really fun to hang out with. I never really got to know her often other than the times Mel and Reece would hang out and he would bring me along but I loved her. She was always so positive and in such a good mood, but she was also really reckless.

"Girl wait but have you tried this?" Jasmine asked handing me a drink. "I get this all the time whenever I go out, it's my favorite!" I said excitedly taking the drink from her. "I never even knew about it until Reece put me on, he should've told me sooner." She said holding up a cherry for me. I leaned in close to her mouth where she held up the cherry eating it. She pulled the stem out of my mouth watching as I chewed it. She wiped my lips with her thumb licking it as I watched her.

I pulled away as we both started laughing, feeling Mel's hands snake around my waist. "I'll be right back." She said picking up her drink walking over to where Reece was. I drunk from my cup downing what was left in it quickly. "Baby slow down that's already your seventh drink." Mel said close to my ear. I smiled feeling butterflies in my stomach at his voice in my ear. "I'm not even being quick, and seven is not a lot." I said leaning back on him so my head was on his shoulder. "What you drinking?" I asked looking at his cup. He tilted his cup towards me so I could drink from his straw. "It's weak." I said laughing. "You know I don't have the tolerance to even drink a lot and plus I'm a smoker." He said sipping from his cup. Mel's tolerance when drinking was so low he'd really probably get drunk off of three shots. He knew this but when he'd start drinking and felt the buzz come in he'd keep going anyway. On the other hand he didn't like how he acted when he was drunk so he didn't do it often unless he wanted to.

"Oh right." I said laughing sliding my hand up his chest to his neck. "You said you wouldn't get drunk." Mel said looking over at me. "Exactly, I'm not drunk." I said smiling at him seeing his face so close to mine. I leaned in kissing his jaw going up to his lips. He kissed me back for a few seconds before stopping. "Chill." He said lowly leaning his face away from me. "Why?" I whined moving my hand up to his face. I grabbed his face pulling it towards mine kissing him again. I bit his lip lightly as he tried to pull away. He furrowed his eyebrows when I bit his bottom lip harder, not wanting him to pull away yet. He grunted lightly as his finger tapped my waist lightly signaling me to stop. I pulled away letting it go, laughing watching him lick his lips. He shook his head looking away from me. "One more kiss." I whined trying to lean towards him. "Now is not the time or place." He said looking over at me. I pouted crossing my arms across my chest. "So mean." I said rolling my eyes. "Stop pouting." He said leaning in pecking my lips once. I smiled grabbing his hand intertwining my fingers with his.

I sat with Mel drinking from his cup for a few minutes before I could feel all the drinks I already had start to finally kick in. I sat up standing from Mel's lap. I looked back at him seeing he looked a little confused like he wanted to ask what I was doing. "I'll be right back." I said trying to spot where Jasmine was. Before he could say anything I walked away going to the bar where I saw Jasmine had moved to. I sat down next to her getting an excited reaction from her once she saw me. She quickly ordered me shots along with the ones she already had. I drunk the ones she handed me quickly as she cheered me on. She really did know how to party.

I looked over at her and we both immediately burst into laughter. I wasn't even sure how many shots I had taken at this point. Everything was starting to get a little hazy.

As I was ready to drink the shot in my hand I was stopped by some man that approached us. "How are you ladies doing tonight?" He asked smiling at us. He looked a little older than both of us, probably in his late thirties. "You girls look a little lonely." He said smirking. "I have a boyfriend." I said laughing. "Me too." Jasmine said making us both laugh even harder. "What they don't know won't hurt them." He said leaning on the bar between us. I put the shot to my lips feeling a hand grab my arm.

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