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I sat at my vanity plucking my eyebrows a little after putting on my face primer. I looked in the mirror seeing Mel walk up behind me wrapping his arms around me. "Ah wait." I said frantically almost hitting myself in the eye with my tweezers. "My fault." He said moving his hands from around me. He sat down at the other stool next to my vanity watching me through the mirror. "You can do that for me?" He asked smiling at me. I giggled looking over at him. "Yea sure some time later, I'll clean your whole face." I said putting down my tweezers. "Really?" He asked happily. "Yea and we can do a facial together." I said pulling out my makeup bag. "When?" He asked wrapping his arms around my waist. "Mmm when you're off work tomorrow." I said pulling out a nude colored palette I wanted to use. "What're you wearing tonight?" He asked leaning in kissing my neck. "You'll see it when I put it on." I said giggling feeling him kiss up my neck to my cheek.

"Stop, go get ready and take a shower." I said trying to lean away from him. "Just one kiss." He said gripping my waist. I smiled turning towards him kissing him. His hands moved up my shirt to my back running his fingers down my spine. I pulled away pushing him lightly. "Mel no." I whined. "Alright I'm going." He said laughing letting go of me as he stood. I looked back into the mirror grabbing one of my makeup brushes to get started on my face. I decided to do something subtle but also a little sparkly for tonight. I was hoping tonight would be really good for me since this was one of my first major exhibits. I've done other exhibits before but they weren't as big as the one tonight.

Once I finished my makeup I stood going to my closet to get the dress I bought a little bit ago for this night. I pulled off my shirt hearing the bathroom door open. I looked over seeing Mel with only his pants on. "Where's your shirt?" I asked turning back to the closet standing on my tippy toes to reach the top back of the closet for my shoes. "I think it's in the laundry room." He said sitting on the bed. I grabbed the shoebox walking over to the bed with it. "Let me see the outfit." Mel said. "After I get dressed." I said. "You can't see right now though so you have to leave." I added. "Why not?" He asked grabbing a hold of my waist pulling me between his legs. "Because I said so." I said looking down at him putting my hands on his shoulders. "Your makeup looks good." He said smiling up at me. "Thank you." I said happily cupping his face with my hands. "You still can't see my outfit right now." I said letting go of him. "Okay then I'll wait." He said as his eyes wandered to my chest. "Stop looking." I said getting out of his hold. He laughed standing from the bed walking out the room.

I grabbed my dress putting it on along with my silver heels. My hair was up in a bun with two strands of hair on either side in the front. I stood in the mirror admiring myself for a second before applying more lip gloss to my lips.

I looked over at the door hearing Mel's voice

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I looked over at the door hearing Mel's voice. "Baby it's almost four o'clock." He said from the living room. "I'm already done." I said putting my lip gloss in my purse. I looked over seeing Mel walk into the room. He smiled wide seeing me. "Ouuuu baby you look so good!" He said excitedly grabbing a hold of my hand. "Do a lil spin for me." He said licking his lips. I smiled spinning around a little hearing him hype me up even more. "You look so handsome too, as always." I said softly looking down at his hands on my waist.

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