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"Can we drink at home today?" I asked Mel as he typed away on his computer. "Mmm I'll think about it when I finish." He said. I sighed wrapping my arms around his neck from behind. "What are we eating for dinner tonight?" I asked looking over at him. "Whatever you want." He said still focused on his screen. "No I asked what you wanted." I whined leaning in closer to his face. "Chicken." He said. "What kind?" I asked pushing his glasses down slightly. "Maybe chicken and pasta, chicken parmesan." He said pushing his glasses back up on his nose. I leaned in more kissing his lips lightly getting no reaction from him. Whenever he was working at home he didn't pay much attention to me because he was always so focused but I'd bother him anyway. His work at home has definitely multiplied since the dinner we went to last week but that's always how it is. I didn't have anything to do because Jay had an event to go to today so he couldn't meet up to work.

"How long are you gonna be?" I whined wanting his attention. "Half an hour." He said turning his head towards me finally kissing me back. I wrapped my arms around him tighter kissing him too. He turned his head away stopping me before I got too carried away. "It'll take me longer if you keep bothering me." He said chuckling. "But I'm so bored." I groaned. He didn't say anything as he kept typing. I leaned in kissing his neck lightly feeling the hair on the back of his neck rise. "Stop." He said sternly. I pulled away giggling before unwrapping my arms from around him. "Where're you going?" He asked as I walked away from his desk.

"To start dinner." I said. I walked out of our room to the kitchen, my mind starting to flood with the food I'd be making. I personally loved cooking, it was like another form of art for me sometimes. I got out the ingredients I needed along with the pots. My thoughts started to roam in my head as I seasoned the chicken. I really was anticipating drinking with Mel. I hadn't seen him really drunk in awhile because he chose not to but tonight I was hoping he would. He would be a lot looser than he usually is.

Once I finished seasoning the chicken I put it in the oven, turning on the stove to start the water boiling for the noodles afterwards. I walked into our room seeing Mel still at his computer. "It's been thirty minutes." I said climbing onto the bed. "Almost done." He mumbled. I sighed lightly, laying down. I propped my elbow on the bed resting my head on my hand letting out a dramatic sigh. He chuckled to himself before spinning his chair towards me. "Why you so impatient today?" He asked leaning back in his chair. "I'm not." I said looking down at his hands that laid on his thighs.

"You just want me to drink with you." He said laughing. "Yes of course." I said smiling. He sighed pulling off his glasses. "Please." I said watching him place his glasses in his lap. "Hmm." He hummed like he was thinking. Of course he would say yes. He barely ever told me no when I'd ask him to do anything. "Well I don't have work tomorrow so yea okay we can drink together tonight." He said. I grinned widely sitting up. "I have to finish up this last bit of work first though, I'll be done in like ten minutes." He said spinning his chair back around to his computer.

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