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I laid in bed fixing the settings on my new camera trying to figure out how it worked. It was definitely an improvement from my old camera but the settings were slightly different from what I was used to. I looked down at Mel laying between my legs with his head on my stomach. He was texting someone with one hand while his other hand rubbed my thigh. It's only been two days and we've had sex maybe six times since he got back. I'd lost track at this point. I was satisfied after the second time but Mel was really an animal when it came down to it. My whole body was sore after adjusting to his size again. Did he get bigger? I wasn't sure what to think anymore. I would definitely prefer a break for awhile even though we already had that two week break. I don't know how my body will even hold up anymore at this point.

I adjusted the zoom on my camera focusing it on the top of Mel's head before taking a picture to see how well it worked. Mel looked up at me after hearing the camera take a picture. "You finished setting it up?" He asked. "Yea, I think so." I said looking at the picture I took. "Let me see." He said sitting up. I handed him the camera as he sat facing me in between my legs. He smiled pointing the camera down at me taking a picture making me laugh. "You so beautiful." He said laughing before leaning down to kiss me. "Stop." I said giggling as he kissed along my neck. "Let me see it." I said taking the camera from him.

I went to the gallery looking at the picture feeling Mel kiss down my neck to my collarbone. I smiled at the picture seeing I was in the middle of laughing. "Mel stop." I said putting down the camera feeling his hands on my thighs. "Why?" He mumbled against my neck. "We just went like two rounds." I said trying to push him away. "That was earlier." He whined pulling away from my neck. "It wasn't that long ago." I said as his hands rubbed up my thighs towards my waist. "We could make a movie." He said staring into my eyes before chuckling. I felt my face grow hot. "That's not what my camera is for." I said covering my face. "It's not like we haven't done it once before." He said closer to my ear. "Mel!" I said in shock. He chuckled sitting up away from my ear.

Back maybe 2 years ago Mel and I got really drunk and went to my dorm room barely even comprehending what was going on. I don't even remember how it happened but we ended up recording almost half of the sex we had that night until I dropped my phone behind the bed. It was a one time thing that neither of us would've even remembered if I hadn't seen the video on my phone.

"What you got on under this?" He asked pulling up my shirt. "Mel!" I whined grabbing his wrist as he revealed the black lace bra I had on. "What? You look so good in this." He said chuckling leaning down kissing up my stomach. I got chills where he kissed me as I blushed. "Baby that tickles." I said giggling feeling him lick my belly button. He pulled away sitting up on his knees, grabbing a hold of my camera. I laughed covering my face from the flash while Mel took a picture of me. He put the camera down grabbing my hand, kissing my palm before leaning down to kiss my lips.

I wrapped my arms around his neck trying hard not to smile in between the kiss. I let out a small whimper feeling his tongue roam around my mouth. I slid my hands to his shoulders making him pull away. He smiled at me sitting up. My hands ran down his chest to his torso as I watched him pull off his shirt. I grabbed my camera laughing taking a picture of him above me. "Oh, you finally in the mood?" He asked playfully. "You can't expect me not to be when you're in front of me like this." I said pulling at his sweatpants' strings. "You trying to seduce me?" He asked chuckling. I smiled pulling off my shirt fully. "Maybe." I said throwing my shirt on the floor. "Let me see what you can do today then." He said lowly moving from between my legs. I pulled off my shorts smiling as I climbed on top of him so that I was straddling his lap. I looked down at him seeing him lick his lips.

"I love you." He said watching his hand feel on my waist, pulling at my underwear. "Yea? That's the first thing you think of?" I said teasingly leaning down close to his face. "Yea." He said lowly staring into my eyes. "You're so mushy." I said playfully, looking down at his lips. I leaned in kissing him as his hands moved to my ass gripping it. I moaned in between the kiss feeling his bulge on my thigh. He was already hard. I pulled away sitting up moving my hair out of my face. Mel picked up the camera taking a picture of me on top of him. I smiled rubbing my hand down his chest moving towards his bulge. "Just a few minutes ago you weren't up for this." He said watching my hand rub on him. "Well now I want you to fuck me senseless, until I can't even think." I said softly tilting my head pulling at the waist band of his sweatpants. His eyes darted up to mines. I could feel his mood shift. "Oh yea?" He said lowly. I laughed covering my face with the back of hands starting to blush.

He sat up wrapping his hands around my waist startling me. "You really want that?" He asked licking his lips. I smiled wrapping my arms around his neck. "Yes." I said softly. In a swift movement Mel had held onto me switching our position so that I was under him again. "I'll obliterate your guts." He said lowly staring into my eyes. "Do it." I said giggling, placing my hands on his waist. "Don't regret saying that later." He said smirking.


I laid on my stomach on the bed feeling like my entire body would fall apart any moment. I looked up at Mel as he handed me a water. "Thanks." I mumbled opening the bottle drinking the water. "Baby I'm so sorry." He said laying down next to me. We took a shower together but I couldn't even stand so he had to do everything for me. My body was in so much pain it literally did feel like he obliterated my guts. "It's okay." I said softly. I could tell he felt bad and didn't want me being in so much pain but I wasn't mad at him for it. "You don't have to feel bad." I said feeling him kiss my forehead. I sat up grabbing my camera suddenly remembering the pictures. I went to the gallery seeing all the photos Mel took of me with a few of him I took. The further I scrolled the less and less clothes I had on to the point where he took one of me below him covering my bare chest with my hands.

"We should go out." Mel said. "Hm?" I said confused looking over at him, seeing him texting on his phone. "Reece's birthday is in a few days and he's having a party, he wants us to come." He said. "Reece? I haven't seen him in awhile, I miss him." I said putting down my camera. Reece was one of Mel's friends that he hung out with often. He was always around when Mel would bring me to his place back in college and I thought he was a pretty decent guy.

"He don't miss you." He said playfully. "Be quiet." I said throwing a pillow at him laughing. "We should go though." I said as he laughed catching the pillow. "Really? it's at a club and you know Reece is so unorganized so it won't be like a real birthday, just drinking." He said chuckling. "Oh yea of course, that's the whole point." I said crawling over to Mel laying on his chest. "You? Drinking? Nah you'll be aight." He said. "What? But I want to." I whined sitting up again. "You already know how you get when you're drunk." He said shaking his head. "Then I won't get drunk." I said. "Really?" He said raising his eyebrows like he didn't believe me. "I won't." I said confidently. He sighed pulling the covers from under him. "If you say so." He said getting comfortable in the bed. I rolled my eyes getting under the covers next to him ready to go to bed.


you ever just not know any of what you want to do with your life in the long run? because same lol

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