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He pulled me towards him kissing me, lifting my waist so I was positioned over top of his dick. I felt his tip at my entrance ready to enter me. I wanted him so bad I couldn't bare waiting any longer. I slid half way down carefully, scared that I would hurt myself before I felt Mel's hands on my waist push me the rest of the way down. I moaned loudly placing my hands on his shoulders so I wouldn't lose my balance. He thrusted up into me making my legs quiver. I felt his tongue swirl around my nipple as he kept thrusting. I moaned his name rolling my eyes back from the amount of pleasure I felt. It was too much. "Mel... I can't." I panted trying to get away from him. He pushed me back down onto him making me gasp. "If you try to run I'll have to punish you." He said gripping my waist tightly. I gripped his shoulders trying to keep myself from collapsing.

I loved when he got aggressive. He grunted as his head leaned back. "Fuck, you're so wet." He panted under his breath. I could feel myself clench underneath him from how turned on I was. He looked up at me with so much lust on his face. "You like when I talk like that?" He said chuckling. "Do it again." He said as he slapped my ass. I could feel my legs start to shake as I reached my climax. I clenched around him again pushing down on his dick fully so I could feel everything. "I love you." I moaned feeling myself cum. Before I knew it Mel pulled him self out of me and came all over my stomach. "Fuck!" He groaned leaning his head back. I closed my eyes plopping back on the sofa laying on a pillow. We both sat there breathing heavily.

"Baby you can't say stuff like that during sex or I won't last." He said chuckling looking down at my tired face that laid on the sofa pillow. He placed his hand on my cheek stroking my face lightly. "I'm sorry." I said placing my hand on top of his. "It's okay." He said leaning down kissing my cheek. "You did good." He said standing pulling up his shorts. I whimpered holding up my arms.

He chuckled picking me up bridal style walking to our bedroom. I kissed his jaw wrapping my arms around his neck. "You get that turned on from me saying I love you?" I said in his ear giggling. He turned to look at me as I felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. He chuckled but I could tell he was turned on again. "Don't do that." He said placing me on the bed. "No more rounds." I said quickly before he got any ideas. He groaned looking down at me. "Let me eat you out then." He whined leaning down kissing my stomach. I hesitated. "Only one time."


I got out the shower as Mel got out right after me. It was almost four o'clock so it was about time for us to get ready to go to the museum. I put on a fenty lingerie set I had before sitting at the vanity I used in our room. I took my hair out of the bun it was in deciding to do my hair out and diffuse it today. I wet my hair with my spray bottle putting product in it then put on one of my fluffy headbands to do my makeup. I didn't do a lot today to go for a more natural look but still a little dramatic.

"Baby what do you want to eat for dinner?" Mel asked walking into the room with only his boxers on. "Umm maybe something like noodles or pasta?" I said a little unsure, brushing off the setting powder from under my eyes. "Like Chinese? Or Alfredo?" He asked wrapping his arms around my neck from behind. "Chinese is fine." I said pulling out the setting spray from my makeup bag. "We can go to that new place near the museum then." He said excitedly before kissing my neck. "Sounds good." I said smiling as he stood up straight. "I like this set." He said pulling at the strap of my bra. "Thank you." I said leaning my head back looking up at him. "It'll definitely look good on the floor tonight." He said quickly before leaning down kissing my lips. He pulled away pecking my lips twice, moving his arms from around me.

"Don't think I'm gone just let what you said slide." I said turning looking at him. He laughed grabbing his phone off the dresser. "Let me know when you ready to go" He said walking out the room. I turned back around looking at myself in the mirror. I felt my body heat up thinking about what he said. The sex we had when I knew he was planning it was always the best. Even though I told him we weren't doing anything tonight this morning, I knew that I wanted it. I couldn't help anticipating what would happen. I took a deep breath bringing myself back to the task at hand. I quickly sprayed my face with my setting spray and stood up from the vanity. I walked to the bathroom going to diffuse my hair before it was time to go.

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