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I sat in the bathtub as Mel sat on the edge of the tub pouring more bubbles into the water. I wrapped my arms around his waist looking up at him. "Can you take a bath with me?" I asked pulling at the waistband of his boxers. "I have to go change the sheets first." He said grabbing a scrunchie off the counter. "It can't wait?" I whined while he pulled my hair up into a bun. "It won't take long, I promise."  He said. I sighed letting go of him as he stood up. He really did keep his word and made me cum all I wanted. I felt like the whole lower half of my body was numb. With the amount of liquids that came out of my body I'm surprised that I lasted until the end before passing out.

Once Mel changed the sheets he came back and got into the bath with me. I leaned back laying on his chest as I played with the bubbles in the tub. They smelled good, like a peach scent. "Your wrists." Mel said before carefully grabbing one of my wrist. They were a little bruised with marks on them from him tying me up. "Does it hurt?" He asked sounding a little sad. "Only a little bit, it's okay though." I said watching him rub my wrist lightly. "I don't mean to hurt you." He said before kissing my wrist. "I know." I said looking over at him. I leaned in kissing him lightly. "It doesn't hurt much so you don't have to worry." I said pulling my arm away. "Plus I wanted it." I said giggling kissing him again.

Once we got out the bath I put on a pair of shorts and a tshirt before getting into bed. I sighed looking up at the ceiling. Today seemed like such a long day. Probably because so much happened. I felt Mel's arms wrap around me and his head lay on my chest. I smiled putting my hand on his head playing wit his dreads. "Your body feel better?" He asked rubbing his fingertips against my side. "Yea." I said. "You sure?" He asked. "Mhmm" I hummed. I reached over turning off the lamp on the nightstand getting comfortable with Mel who changed his position to laying on my shoulder. I felt him kissing my cheek and all over the side of my face before getting to my lips. I laughed as he pulled away smiling at me. "It's time for sleep." I said leaning away from his face. He chuckled pulling me into his arms against his chest. I closed my eyes soon falling asleep.


I woke up barely even able to breathe. I opened my eyes seeing Mel's whole body almost on top of me with his hand palming my face. I groaned pushing his hand off of me and tried to move from under him but he was heavy. This happened often. Sometimes I did wish we had separate beds but Mel was so clingy all the time that he didn't want that. I told him that sometimes I want my own space but he insisted that we sleep together. I do love sleeping with him because it was most comfortable for me sometimes, just not when he's all on me and I can barely breathe. I pushed myself from under him finally and sat up. Before he could wake up and notice I was gone I quickly stood wincing at the slight pain in my legs walking out the room to the living room. I went over to my drying rack pondering what I should do. I picked up a new canvas wanting to sketch out something new. I sat on the living room floor on the fluffy rug pulling out a sketching pencil. I set up the little table stand I had for when I wanted to sit on the floor and sketch, putting my canvas on it.

I connected my phone to the speaker lowering the volume as I played some soothing beats. It helped keep my mind rolling when I couldn't focus my thoughts while drawing or painting. I started the outline not surprised when I already heard footsteps coming out the room. I turned seeing Mel standing by the couch. "Hey baby, what's up?" I said softly seeing him wobble slightly. He was barely even awake but had the strength to get up and come see what I was doing. I shook my head at the thought.

"Are you gonna take awhile?" He asked in his tired voice rubbing his eyes. "Probably, I just started the outline." I said. He walked towards me laying down next to me. He laid his head on my lap wrapping his arms around my waist. I smiled looking down at him placing my hand on his cheek caressing it. "You know absolutely nothing about personal space." I said before picking up my pencil. "Mhmm." He hummed holding on to me tightly. I sighed looking back at my canvas. I started sketching again getting back into my zone barely even noticing Mel on me anymore. I drew for what seemed like a few minutes but it really was more than an hour because I could see the sun about to come up. I stared at my canvas for a minute seeing how nicely my idea came together. I smiled putting down my pencil. My best works usually came from when I woke up at 3-4am. I was tired now and actually wanted to sleep.

I looked down hearing Mel's light snores as he laid on my lap still. He really came out and slept with me on our rug. He was seriously the definition of attached and clingy. "Baby c'mon let's go to the room." I said placing my hand on his cheek. I stroked his face lightly as I looked down at his sleeping face. He was so handsome. I don't think he'll wake up unless I move. I sighed moving his head off my lap and his arms from around me. He stirred in his sleep before opening his eyes slightly. "Let's go to the room." I said standing. He sat up stretching. He stood grabbing a hold of my hand pulling me away to the room. "Wait I have to clean up first." I said looking at him. "Do it in the morning." He mumbled walking to the room. I laughed lightly to myself climbing into bed with Mel. He laid his head on my chest wrapping his arms around me tightly falling asleep quickly.


I woke up feeling kisses on my face. I opened my eyes seeing Mel. He smiled at me once he saw me open my eyes, kissing my lips. "Baby it's almost 2pm." He said sitting up. I sat up panicking a little. "It's okay though I cleaned up your supplies and did the laundry and the dishes." He said leaning in kissing my forehead. "Thank you." I said softly before standing. I rubbed my eyes walking to the bathroom to use it. I was happy to know that Mel had done some of the chores for me. I was always so grateful for him. Once I finished I walked back into the room grabbing my phone checking to see that I had a few texts from my best friend asking if I wanted to hang out with her next week. I sat down on the bed replying to her message telling her we could hang out.

I stood up going to the kitchen to eat something before brushing my teeth. I wasn't paying much attention to Mel but I could tell he was a little busy from what I'd seen. It was most likely work. I walked out the bathroom putting my hair up into a bun going out the room. I could see Mel sitting on the sofa talking on the phone. He looked slightly annoyed as he looked down at some papers in his hand. I walked over to him leaning down kissing his cheek before making my way to the laundry room. I opened the dryer taking out the clothes that Mel had washed putting them in the basket. I took the other clothes that were in the washing machine out putting them in the dryer starting it up. I then walked out the laundry room going back to the room with the basket to put away the clothes.

Once I finished folding up the clothes I saw Mel come into the room. He looked upset but his expression lightened when he saw me. "What's wrong?" I asked looking up at him. "My boss wants me to do this extra work he mailed me which will probably end up in me going on a business trip for awhile." He said sitting down on the bed. I felt a knot start to form in my stomach. I didn't like being away from Mel for awhile. "For how long?" I asked putting the clothes I folded away in our drawers. "Just a week so Wednesday to next Wednesday, it won't be that long." He said. I looked over at him seeing he still looked sad. "You're right it won't be that long." I said walking over to him.

I put my hands on his shoulders straddling his lap on the edge of the bed as he looked up at me. "But you still seem sad, why?" I asked cupping his face. "I don't like being away from you." He whined. At least I knew we felt the same way. I laughed remembering how everyday after work he always told me how much he missed me. He could barely withstand those few hours. "You're with me everyday I'm sure you'll survive a week." I said. "No I might die." He whined moving his hands to my waist. "So dramatic." I said moving my hands away from his face. "If you survive the week you can come home to me and I'll give you a surprise." I said smiling. He licked his lips moving his hands down to my ass. "What you gone give me?" He asked smiling up at me. "You'll have to wait until you come back" I said standing off his lap.

He sucked his teeth plopping back on the bed. "You're so mean." He said as I laughed. "C'mere." He said watching me ready to walk out the room. I turned back around groaning playfully walking over to the bed crawling onto it next to him. "I won't be able to go a whole week." He said looking up at me as I hovered over him. I smiled leaning down kissing his lips. I felt his hand move to my thigh gripping it lightly. I pulled away biting his bottom lip before letting go. "It's only seven days." I said looking down at him as his eyes trailed to my lips. "That's too long." He said. I leaned down close to his neck kissing up to his earlobe. "Masturbate." I whispered in his ear giggling afterwards. I stood up hearing him groan. "Get your stuff ready though Wednesday will come before you know it." I said walking out the room.


I'd rather have a clingy significant other than a nonchalant one to be honest. I lowkey don't like clingy people but that's better than the latter. I just overthink too much for someone nonchalant.

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