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I looked over unexpectedly seeing Mel. "This is the girls bathroom." I said putting down the mirror in my hand. He laughed walking towards me. "That doesn't matter right now, wassup with you?" He asked. "Hm?" I said raising my eyebrows acting dumbfounded. He must've noticed I was spacing out a lot and acting a little weird tonight. "You know what I mean, stop playing." He said chuckling. "Nah not really." I said standing up from the chair. "Mmm, c'mere." He said tilting his head for me to follow him. He was walking towards a stall at the end of bathroom. I bit my lip slightly trying to hide the smile that wanted to appear on my face following him. I could already tell what he had in mind.

I closed the stall door locking it behind me before turning my attention back to him. "You been staring at me all night." He said closing in on me to the point where our noses almost touched. "You noticed?" I asked smiling feeling his hands on my waist. "Of course." He said as his hand slid up the slit on my dress, pulling at my underwear. "Wanna tell me why?" He asked. I hesitated a little getting side tracked by his hand touching me. "You're just so handsome." I said softly, my heart beat speeding up. "Yea?" He said sounding amused. "Yea." I said softly before feeling his lips crash into mine. I put my hands on his shoulders kissing him back. I started to get swept away in the kiss sliding my tongue into his mouth but he pulled away stopping me. "You want me that bad? Is this why you're acting like this?" He asked moving his hands off my waist backing away from me.

"Stop teasing." I whined while he sat on the toilet seat cover. He smirked at me as I walked over so that I was looking down at him. "I'm not teasing." He said putting his hands on my waist. "I just want you to be patient." He said looking up at me. "I don't want to." I whined pouting slightly. "Listen to what I tell you, understand me?" He said sternly, his expression getting more intimidating as he gripped my waist. I internally smiled knowing that was the reaction I was hoping for. I loved when he got aggressive and demanding.

"Yes, I'm sorry." I said softly. "That's my girl." He said lowly, a smile appearing on his face. I moved my hair to the front of me as he turned me around so that I was facing away from him. I felt his hands lightly roaming from my waist down to my thighs pulling up my dress. I tried hard not to squirm as I felt myself dripping wet already. I really did miss the warmth of his hands roaming all over my body to the point where it seemed like he had touched all of me. I wanted him so bad. I looked back at him over my shoulder seeing him kiss down my lower back as his hands moved higher, gripping my ass.

I got chills making me shiver slightly as his tongue slid up my lower back. His hand gripped my ass harder whilst his other hand slid down touching, feeling how wet I was. I flinched in surprise at him rubbing between my legs. "Mel." I said softly getting impatient. He chuckled lowly against my back before turning my body so I was facing him again. He looked up at me seeing the desperate expression on my face. "C'mon you know you gotta tell me what you want." He said lowly sliding his hands up to my chest. I started to blush in embarrassment. This always happened. "Tell me." He said gripping my chest. I could hear my heartbeat speed up like it was going to beat out of my chest. "... I want you to fuck me." I said softly putting my hands on his shoulders.

"Relax love your heart's beating fast, why you so nervous?" He asked chuckling. I looked at his hands on my chest realizing he could feel my heart. "Even though this is a bathroom we're still in public." I said softly. He let go of my chest moving his hands back down to my waist. "You're thinking too hard, isn't this what you wanted all night?" He asked lowly, sliding his hands to my underwear. "Yes." I whimpered as he pulled them down watching a string of my liquids drip from me to my underwear. "Mmm." He hummed sliding his fingers between my legs making me almost lose my balance. I gripped Mel's shoulders tighter watching as he rubbed me lightly before bringing his two fingers to his mouth. I got goosebumps watching him lick his fingers while looking up at me.

"You look like you can't wait anymore." He said laughing slightly as he unbuckled his pants. "Turn around for me love." He said lowly. I hesitantly turned around immediately feeling Mel pull down my underwear so that they were around my ankles. He grabbed my waist pushing my dress up, pulling me down onto his lap. I gasped lightly as he spread my legs. I looked down watching him hold his dick sliding it up and down my slit readily, making me moan. "Please." I whined looking at him. He looked over at me smiling slightly. "You're so pretty." He said staring into my eyes. He leaned in kissing me sloppily as I felt him slide into me. I moaned into his mouth grabbing a hold of his arm. His hands held my waist tightly as he thrusted up inside me. He pulled away watching my facial expressions while I panted. I closed my eyes furrowing my eyebrows trying hard not to moan loud.

"I wanna hear you." He said huskily into my ear. "Mmph... I..." I panted stopping not able to even get it out. "C'mon baby use your words." He said lowly still thrusting up into me. I gasped letting out a surprised moan looking down seeing his fingers rubbing my clit. "Mel..." I moaned gripping his arm tighter. "You like that?" He asked sounding entertained. I bit my bottom lip trying to contain myself as I nodded my head. "I bet you do because you're such a slut." He said lowly into my ear kissing the side of my face lightly. I moaned softly letting my lip go not able to contain myself at his words. My mind went blank whenever he would say certain things to me and all I'd think about was him. Not anything else or even where we were.

I opened my eyes slightly wider hearing footsteps while Mel sped up his pace. His hand quickly went to my mouth covering it as he caught on. I moaned against his hand letting out a muffled sound. "You gotta try to be quiet okay?" He said in my ear quietly. I nodded slightly trying hard not to react to him still deep inside me but I couldn't. I moaned against his hand softly as he went at a slower pace. I could feel every inch of him going in and out of me. It turned me on so much I almost came instantly. I looked over at him with desperate eyes as he looked back at me. "I know." He said into my ear as his fingers started rubbing me again. I grunted lightly closing my eyes leaning my head back on his shoulder. I heard the water turn on and soon the footsteps left the bathroom.

"Aw you're such a good girl, you're doing amazing." He said lowly kissing my neck lightly. I whimpered feeling my body shudder at his words. He moved his hand from covering my mouth, down to my thigh caressing it lightly as he sped up his pace a bit. I panted, my eyes rolling back loving how he felt deep in my stomach. "How bout you go head and cum for me, hm?" He said lowly in my ear. I moaned raising my hand up to his face looking over at him. "Yea, I want to." I panted. He smiled at me leaning in licking my bottom lip before sliding his tongue into my mouth kissing me.

I gripped his shirt at his last two thrusts into me feeling myself reach my limit. I pulled away from the kiss moaning louder than before, hearing it echo off the walls as I came. He kept going until he moaned in my ear pulling out of me. He busted on the floor of the bathroom letting out low grunts. My body went limp as I let go of his shirt breathing heavily. I trembled closing my legs feeling him move his fingers off my clit. I looked up at him seeing him lean his head back closing his eyes for a few seconds before he let out a sigh. "C'mon we gotta get back before they notice." He mumbled opening his eyes. I groaned softly pulling myself up almost falling but Mel caught me. My legs were weak and I could barely stand. I leaned against the wall watching him stand and pull up his pants.

He cleaned the stall grabbing my hand walking out of it afterwards. I put my underwear in my purse not wanting to put them on because they were on the floor. We both washed our hands before walking out the bathroom. I was slightly paranoid that someone had noticed Mel walking out the girls bathroom with me but I didn't say anything. I sat down at the table again trying not to make my happy expression too noticeable. I looked down replaying what just happened in my head. I loved how reckless and bold Mel was sometimes. He kept our lives so exciting.

It had been a few minutes and finally things were starting to wrap up. "Baby you ready to go?" Mel asked holding out his hand. "Yes." I said standing with him grabbing ahold of his hand. He said his goodbyes to his coworkers and boss, walking out the door with me afterwards. "Did you have fun this year?" I asked smiling. "Of course." He said laughing. "Hope you know that's not it." He said wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I looked over at him a little startled. "Mel no." I whined. "What? I can't hear you." He said chuckling. I rolled my eyes letting out a groan.


I love Hibachi food it's so good.

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