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I sat on Mel's lap facing him as I plucked his eyebrows

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I sat on Mel's lap facing him as I plucked his eyebrows. "It hurts." He whined as his hands snaked around my waist. "I'm almost done." I said concentrating. Mel was such a masochist but always acted like he wasn't. He claimed it hurt even though I could feel how hard he was under me. I pulled away when I finished looking at his eyebrows making sure they were even and looked good. "See I'm all done." I said putting down my tweezers. "Now since we already washed our faces we can do the mask." I said grabbing the mask and brush. "What is it?" He asked looking at the mask in the container I was holding. "It's a bubble clay mask." I said putting my hand on his chin pushing his head up lightly. "What?" He asked chuckling as I grabbed one of my fluffy headbands. "Don't ask questions." I said playfully, putting the headband on his head to push his hair back. I put some of the mask on the brush sliding the brush down his cheek. "It's cold." He said closing his eyes slightly.

"It's not that cold." I said laughing as his hands rubbed on my waist. "How are you going to tell me?" He asked as his eyes went down to my lips. "Because I felt it." I said tilting my head slightly. "But our bodies aren't the same." He said in a matter of fact tone. "Whatever." I said laughing. I spread the mask on his forehead down to his nose. "You so beautiful ." He said smiling at me. My face immediately got warm at his sudden words. "Stop." I said trying to hide me wanting to smile. "You still act like when we first started dating whenever I compliment you." He said sliding his hands to my thighs. "You make me nervous." I said softly. "It's been over three years." He said raising his eyebrows. "Stop don't say it like that." I said starting to feel embarrassed. "No it's cute." He said laughing. "Plus it's not like I don't feel the exact same way, I just know how to hide it better than you." He said pulling me closer towards him by my waist.

"You're annoying." I said playfully as I put the last of the mask from the brush on his chin. He leaned in kissing me startling me a little by how quick he was. I hesitated before kissing him back for a few seconds. He pulled away licking his lips smirking at how surprised I knew I looked. I shook my head standing from his lap. "You're not funny." I said hoping that he couldn't tell how nervous I was from my voice. "Hm? I thought I was." He said sounding like he was having fun teasing me. "Oh for real? We're not having sex tonight." I said looking over at him. "Wait no." He whined grabbing my waist pulling me towards him. "I'm sorry." He said. I laughed pushing his hands off of me. "Leave me alone." I said going over to my vanity. I sat down picking up a different brush starting my mask. "You're so mean." He said groaning. "It was you first." I said making sure I was evenly distributing the mask on my face.

"You're joking right?" He whined standing coming over to the vanity. "Nope." I said popping the p. He draped his arms on my shoulders leaning down kissing my neck. "No move, maybe next time." I said giggling as he kissed down to my collar bone. "Let me eat you out then." He said standing up straight. I looked up at him feeling his hand move up so it around my neck. "Maybe." I said as he gripped my throat. He leaned down kissing me roughly so I couldn't even resist him. His tongue shoved into my mouth making me lose my breath. I put my hand on the forearm of his other arm whimpering slightly from not being able to breathe. He smiled against my lips before pulling away. I looked up at him in my head thinking how we would end up fucking anyway. He let go of my throat moving his arms from being around me. "That sounds like a yes to me." He said walking back to the bed. I looked in the mirror trying to hide me wanting to smile. I sighed as my face grew hot, finishing up putting on my mask.


I woke up the next morning without the urge to move my body an inch. I told Mel he could give me head after our masks but it turned into a very hot and heavy session of him pounding me for almost three rounds until I felt like I would pass out. I knew this would happen. We were up until probably two in the morning. I looked over not seeing Mel. I contemplated if I should get up or not. I looked at the clock next to the bed seeing it was a little past eleven in the morning. I groaned lightly before sitting up. As if Mel could sense everything I did he walked into the room with a plate in his hand. "Good morning love." He said happily sitting down on the bed. "Good morning." I mumbled rubbing my eyes. "Look it's an omelette." Mel said proudly showing me the plate.

I smiled looking at it. It looked nice and like he put some effort into it. He put a piece on the fork putting it in my mouth. "Mmm I like it." I said softly. He smiled at me handing me the plate. "Thank you." He said leaning in kissing my cheek. He looked at his phone sitting on the bed as it started to ring. He grabbed it looking slightly annoyed. It must be work. He stood walking out the room to the living room.

I picked up the fork eating the rest of the food before standing going to the kitchen to put the dish in the sink. I walked into the living room seeing Mel sitting on the couch as he talked on the phone. He sounded like he was in his business mode. I didn't want to bother him. I walked back into the room going to the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a shower afterwards. When I finished I sat on the bed with my underwear and bra on checking my phone. Jay had texted me again and sent me a picture of the canvas he was working on. It was a big canvas probably 200 meters. That would definitely be a lot of space to cover so it made sense that he would want to do it with someone else. I looked up hearing Mel come into the room,

"What's wrong?" I asked seeing that he looked a little upset. "Nothing just work." He mumbled coming over to where I sat on the bed. "I'll be coming home a little later than usual this week though." He said as his hand went to my face. "I'll be at home waiting for you." I said softly looking up at him. "That'll be my motivation throughout the day." He said smiling moving away from me. "Hm? No kiss?" I said raising my eyebrows watching him walk close to the door. He chuckled coming back over to me putting his hands on the bed on either side of me leaning down. He leaned in stopping midway. "What?" I asked looking into his eyes. "Just was thinking of something." He said lowly. "What?" I asked giggling wrapping my arms around his neck. "Just that you make me so happy." He said lowly. My face grew hot at his words. Before I could say anything he kissed me making me lose my train of thought.

I leaned back laying on the bed as he deepened the kiss slipping his tongue into my mouth. It felt way more passionate than our other kisses for some reason. It was probably because of what he said before. It was like I could feel all the love he had for me in this one kiss. He pulled away slowly staring down at me as I licked my bottom lip. "I love you." I said rubbing the back of his neck lightly. "I love you more."


I handed Mel his work bag with his lunch and other papers in it as he stood in front of the door. "Thank you baby." He said happily leaning in kissing my forehead as he took the bag. "Have a good day." I said smiling as he walked out the door.

I groaned slugging back to the room after seeing the door close. I always didn't like when Mel went to work. I was so bored all day with nothing much to do unless I had solid plans for that specific day. It had already been a couple days since his new schedule and I haven't had any real time with him. It would only be this time in the morning and at night when we'd talk for a bit then he'd fall asleep. I looked at my phone seeing I had a message from Jay. He had asked about hanging out somewhere later today. I smiled at the text realizing this would give me something to do for today. I replied to his message saying that we could hang out today wherever he wanted to meet up. It wasn't long until he replied telling me me he wanted to meet at some cafe that was nearby. I gave him a time before sitting down my phone. I'd clean up a little then shower and get dressed to go. I was a little excited to see him because it had been so long. We hadn't had any contact with each other in three years so I'm sure we'll definitely have something to talk about. I just hope it won't be any awkward or weird vibes.

I would hate for it to be uncomfortable for me because I've never worked successfully with an artist that I wasn't comfortable with. On the other hand I've already known Jay and he wasn't really someone who'd make things awkward. Either way I can't wait to see some of his recent work and how much he's changed since college. I walked into the living room starting to clean up.


Guys please keep me in your thoughts! Nothing happened to me I just want y'all to constantly think about me!!!! <3

also recently realized even though I put it as a y/n story I still use "I" when I should use "You" sorry guys hope that isn't terrible. I simply am just too lazy to go back and change the entire story from using "I" to use "You" :P

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