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I walked off into the crowd after answering questions and giving my speech. Once I started talking I was a little less nervous than before. Everything came naturally but it felt as if I wasn't even there, like I was subconsciously just answering the questions and speaking. I snapped out of my thoughts feeling a hand wrapping around my shoulder. I looked over seeing Mel. "You okay? You did so good baby." He said happily smiling at me. "Yes, thank you." I said genuinely so grateful for him. I looked up at him suddenly getting turned on, wanting to kiss him but I snapped out of it once I heard my name. I looked over seeing my parents. They looked so happy. "You were wonderful." They both said simultaneously. I laughed hugging them both. "Thank you guys so much." I said happily.

"I'm gonna walk around with Mel to see the other artwork for a little before we go, it won't take long." I said pulling away from them. "Oh okay, well we'll be over here." My mom said. I nodded grabbing a hold of Mel's hand walking away. "Hm? Where we going?" Mel asked as I pulled him away from where the exhibit would be. "I just wanted to be alone with you." I said softly as we got to an empty hallway. I turned around wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him. His hands went to my waist hesitantly before lightly pushing me against the wall. My body started to heat up as the kiss escalated to being hot and heavier quicker than I would've thought. I pulled away staring at him for a second licking my lips. He leaned in kissing me again pushing his tongue into my mouth. My hands rubbed the back of his neck lightly as his hands slid to my thighs.

He pulled away leaning down to kissing my neck. I moaned lightly feeling his hand groping my ass. I closed my eyes as his warm tongue ran against my skin. He bit me, lightly sucking on my neck making me whimper softly. It felt so good I had forgotten we were still in public for a minute. He kissed back up to my lips a little rougher than before. His tongue slipped into my mouth again making me moan. "Mel wait." I mumbled against his lips trying to pull away. "We can't do this here." I said finally pulling away. "Why not?" He asked kissing the side of my face instead. "We're in public." I said putting my hands on his shoulders. "Weren't you the one who brought me over here?" He mumbled close to my ear. I tried hard to keep my ground and not let him affect me. "I just wanted to kiss yo-." I stopped myself gasping lightly feeling his knee push in between my legs. "Mel." I panted.

"That feels good?" He asked lowly in my ear before kissing down to my neck again. My stomach filled with butterflies at his voice. I was getting too turned on and losing my composure. "Yes." I said hesitantly feeling his knee rub against me. My legs got weak, starting to feel like jelly from the movement. We really couldn't do this here. I would be way too loud. I could already hear how my quiet voice now was traveling down the hall and echoing. "Can't we just wait." I said softly. He hesitated before pulling away from my neck staring at me for a second like he was thinking. "You're not going to sleep tonight then." He said as his eyes trailed to my lips. My eyes widened slightly in surprise. He pulled away from me hearing footsteps coming towards the hallway we were in. I looked down feeling my face get hot thinking about what he just said. I pulled down my dress that was rising before pulling out my phone to look at myself in my camera. I reapplied some lipgloss looking at the person who walked down the hall out the corner of my eye. After a minute I walked out the hallway entry with Mel.

"Where are we going to eat?" He asked grabbing a hold of my hand. "My mom said some nice Mexican restaurant." I said looking over at him. "We should meet back up with them now." I said.

Once we met back up with my parents we drove to the restaurant where we were having dinner. I'd never been here before so I was happy to have something new to try. We got a booth for all four of us. I sat on the inside next to Mel while my parents sat in front of us. My mom talked a lot so there was never really any silence when she was around. I looked down at my menu trying to decide on what to get. I ended up ordering a burrito bowl.

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