CHAPTER 20 - Of a High Lady and her Daughter

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Note: I couldn't help it, you guys. Potterverse just doesn't leave my mind. So, what Hermione's doing up there is sort of alchemy. Alchemy in my terms is a fantasy word for "chemistry ."
Also, I would highly recommend you to check out the final part of chapter 8 to better understand this one. Maybe you'll connect some dots lol.
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This was the fifth time now, that I was coming to the Virgo embassy. I knew my way around much better by now. I at least knew where I would find that portrait.

It mocked me yet again, sending shivers down my spine, as I moved past it. My mother with a long sword in hand, the blade touching the land, standing beside the floral throne of High Lady of Virgo House.

In some other life, I might have felt proud about the portrait, about my warrior parent, but right in this moment, it felt like nothing but a prickling thorn in my side. Why had my parents not paid heed to the laws? Why create such an Abomination? Why make their own lives miserable?

Clenching my fists, I exhaled through my mouth and walked past the portrait. I reached the entrance of Una's private arena, and was shocked to find her not alone. I saw my doom dancing in front of me, as I recognized the other person standing with Una.

"Your Highness," I bowed for the second time, at the High Lady of House of Virgo.

Her eyes fell on me, as I stood rooted to the spot. "So, this is the one who comes into my palace without my knowledge?" Her breathy voice echoed in the room.

"Mother, I..."

The Lady cut off Una, "You what, Una? You thought I wouldn't know that you were meeting a girl from another Realm?"

My breath hitched in my throat at her words, at her tone. I looked at Una and she was just as shocked as I was.

"How did you know?" She asked, her voice barely audible.

"This is my Palace, young lady. I have eyes and ears everywhere," the Lady answered, staring at me still, her face determinedly furious, "Didn't we meet before, girl?" Her eyes suddenly narrowed.

"At the greenhouse."

"Yes. Indeed. Midnight Blue. Small world, eh?" She snorted.

I nodded, panicking to the maximum.

"Come here, girl," she raised her chin.

I crossed the threshold with trembling knees, and stopped at a safe distance from her.

"You are a Liberan calligrapher, aren't you?" she asked and moved closer to me. I refrained from taking a step back. She walked around me, assessing me, with her wise, dark-green eyes. Like a predator on hunt.

"Y-yes." I managed to speak.

"Then why is it that you can do Earth Elementation after being a Vacuusha for your entire life?" She hissed like a serpent, close to my ears.

"Mother..." Una started, but the Lady raised a palm to her, motioning her to stay silent.

My palms were clammy, sweat forming on my forehead, my feet couldn't bear my weight. I couldn't bear the weight of her stare. Did she have people following me? How much did she know?

I answered meekly, "My parents were from Autumn Realm. Other than that, I know nothing," I added even more softly, "Your Highness."

"Why would two people from my Realm, go stay in another Realm? Unless..." she stopped in front of me, her eyes narrowed, ready to pounce on the meek prey.

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