CHAPTER 39 - Of a Chief (Part I)

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I knew the Chief.

I went still as death.

Under a wide tree, lay a throne, perched on it was the Chief, eyes dark and expressions resembling mine.

As I stared more into the face that looked a little wrinkled with age, unlike the portrait that I had found at the Virgo Palace, I felt my mind freezing up.

No. No. No.

That was impossible.

Just no.

This was life - my life - a bitter realization seeped in. Life out of the dungeon. Life catching up.

What does one feel when they meet their long-lost parent after nine years? Affection? Happiness? Relief? Maybe a few happy tears here and there?

But all I felt was a crushing sense of betrayal. Anger fast sliding in to create a deadly mixture.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that the most desired person in all the Four Realms, who had a hefty bounty on their head, the leader of all the Lueshas would be my own mother!

I forgot everything in the moment, forgot my own name, forgot everything that had happened to me. I only saw her. Her face full of speculation.

"Eleni..." she whispered in her gentle voice, the same voice that used to put me to sleep gently and wake me up in the morning.

My lips quivered.

You have an army.

You were alive all this time.

She slowly stood up and I felt the faint murmurs of the people around me.

"Chief, you know her?" Celia asked from my side, surprise dripped from her words.

I stared dead into the Chief's eyes, the eyes that gave me comfort, that reflected nothing but love eons ago. My hands trembled violently, as she took a step ahead. Her tall figure, and broad shoulders stiff, long black hair tied in a braid. Her eyes resembling to those that I saw in the mirror daily when I looked at my own reflection.

She muttered again, "Eleni, it's really you." A question or confirmation I did not know.

Why was I not feeling anything?

It was my mother, for the love of the Throne.

She walked slowly towards me, her steps deliberate and calculating.

At least one of us was feeling something.

"Eleni." She whispered again, her eyes shining in the dead of the night.

She stopped two feet away from me, her gaze taking me all in.

And I snapped out of my numbness.

"Do I know you, Chief?" I asked looking at her, my heart somersaulting in my chest.

"Eleni, it's me." She took another step.

Celia cleared her throat before interrupting, "Are we missing something here?"

Dylan spoke from my other side, "Not now, Celia."

The Chief's gaze did not leave me.

My mind wanted to shatter something, to burn something, as I watched her watching me.

I bit my lower lip looking at Celia and spoke with a smile, "Well, thank you for all your help but I must go now."

"Go where?" she asked with a raised brow.

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