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I found her

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I found her.

I found her and sorrow hit me - I didn't know whose - mine or hers.

I ran to her; my hands aching to hold her and ask her why she had screamed a while ago. What had made her so miserable that had made me feel like I was dying?

My feelings were not mine anymore.

Everything belonged to her.

I called her name and she turned to face me. Her midnight black eyes, always ready to drown me in them, were lifeless. She was making me go insane.

I asked her where she had been but all rational thoughts left my head when my gaze raked down her body. Her dress was specked with blood - I clenched my fists. Fear surged through me mingled with anger.

I stepped closer to her. The blood was fresh on her trousers. Unable to stop myself, I took her hand in mine. It was dripping with red stickiness, but relief flew through me as I realized she wasn't hurt. It wasn't hers. But whose?

And when I asked her again - why was she so miserable - she had apologized for making me go through her feelings.

Did she really not know what I truly felt?

And for a heartbeat, I wanted her to feel my feelings instead. I wanted her to see what she was making me go through. It hurt so bad. Like a dozen daggers piercing my body all at the same time. And I could only imagine what she was going through. All alone.

I wanted to see her smile, which she so rarely did. The smile which would reach her eyes that shone like starlight!

I wanted her to listen to my heartbeats that carried her name, that shook violently as she appeared in my visions, that went soft when she said my name.

"Don't come looking for me, if all you're looking for is trouble." She said suddenly and turned around to go. And I snapped.

She was testing my patience and even before I knew it, I yanked her wrist and pulled her to me. "I come looking for you, when I want peace," I shouted, suddenly very close to her. Her chest, touching mine. And my hand over her waist which I desperately wanted to snake around her and pin her to my body. But I stopped myself - she brought out my gentler side which was a novelty even to myself.

She didn't want me, however for a moment she was quiet, the golden bond between us - quiet. Calm.

What did she mean when she said - if you knew, you'd be after me too.

Was someone after her? Had someone hurt her?

I clenched my fists, at the thought. The idea of someone hurting her, threatening her, making her scream her lungs out, made my insides boiled. I had never felt like this before. Was this because of the bond too?

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