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A fantasy book is supposed to be just that – Fantasy. Unreal. Magical. An escape from reality.

But who says, we can't live inside it permanently! Look at me, forgone thoroughly and dragging people like you along. As a teenager, I always wanted to be a psychiatrist and see how I am fulfilling my dream. I turned a fantasy book into some weird emotional genre. And yet here you are. You are just as insane as I am. 

My first ever book is well-received. And I am still in denial, a lump of insecure mess as day one. Therefore, the acknowledgments might get long since it's my first time in this community. Bear with me. Or you can skip. Even my Epilogues were long, I'm aware... but it was just in case, I don't write the sequel... so, I needed a closure myself. Hopeful closures.

When I began the book, I received initial feedback that my protagonist isn't badass and is quite dull. Protagonist women in most fantasy books are savage, it's an awesome trend, I know. Well, Eleni was always supposed to be like you and me, thrust into dangers and things she wasn't supposed to be a part of, didn't want to be a part of. But she preached about endurance and bravery, about never giving up. About trusting people, eventually. About believing in oneself. About being there for yourself and for the loved ones. About being a bridge between everyone.

You cannot see a murder happening in front of your eyes for the very first time and walk away as if it were just sauce being spilled. No, it affects you. And I am so glad, I created a relatable protagonist, who has post-traumatic stress disorder, abandonment issues, inferiority complex. And these things just don't go away once the chapter is over. They stay with you. And it is okay to not be okay. But you overcome them, and let them mold you into a fighter. She already has to lit up to a great extent. Eleni WILL be badass next time you meet her.

Men in most books, as I've read, seem too unrealistic to me. Always hot and brooding. Utterly bruised, but wake up as if it was just a mere scratch. Never shed a tear. Manly, no. Robotic, yes. Well, men in my book cry and they heal. A man talking about his feelings to another man, or to his loved one is a damn beautiful thing. And all the men reading this, remember to shed tears, to let it all out, to break the stereotypes. You'd come back stronger. After all, you are only human. Doran will show you to how move on. How to be a friend. A son. A brother. A lover. How to be understanding and respectful to everyone. How to fight for your rights. How to cry. How to forgive and forget. And look hot and adorable doing it all.

Una means ONE. Unique. She used to be heartless, ambitious, focused, never shedding a tear, could never express her feelings. And she still slayed. Normally, it is someone like Dumbledore, a wise old man being a mentor, but we have Una--an introvert female warrior with zero filter, who wants people to stand up for themselves. Like she stood up for herself all her life being a woman in a male-dominated world. She wears trousers and carries her weapons, but does NOT make fun of other women who wears flowers in their hair or glittering gowns. She will teach you how to NOT make fun of other girls and boys who cry. Una will teach you how to be YOU. Even she will learn how to open up and let loose soon. Be boulder, okay?

I have majority female readers, well, of course. Wattpad, duh. And most expect heroes to be sexy all the time. But if you cannot fall in love with a man after seeing his scars, who is healing by himself, who is overwhelmed due to his new-found family and responsibilities, and still wants to be better, who overcame his addiction, who found himself in stressful situations and slayed it like a pro, you, my dears, clearly have a bad preference. Stop reading fanfics with no sense. Like seriously.

If you read chapter 32 again, you will see subtle hints that Ralph was drunk even then, but he was extremely careful and empathetic to Eleni and accepted her right then and there. You all should go and check the comment box in author's note of that chapter, before Ralph's backstory was revealed. Everyone was gaga for him then and I had to literally tone his character DOWN, because he wasn't the protagonist. But after chapter 49, well... It is so easy to lose your reputation, isn't it? That's what I learnt here.

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