CHAPTER 37 - Of a Dungeon (Part II)

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Author's note: Do not skim this one! This chapter has some hints that you all efficiently missed since the start of the book.


(But not too much!)


I was hungry, tired and broken.

Una had not believed me. No one would.

I wanted to sleep again and never wake up. I was going to die here anyways, why were they bothering to even feed me? My head was dizzy. The feeling of dread giving way to loneliness. I did not realize when the ground whispered to me, the words of caution getting lost on my pathetic state.

But when I rolled back to my other side and faced the metallic bars of the prison that I was in, I let out a loud gasp.

"Good morning, Princess."

I glared at the dark silhouette; the voice familiar like a second skin.

"I must say, I am very disappointed seeing you here. You just made things difficult for me."

He walked closer to the iron gates, his face became clearer and goosebumps arose on my body. His white doublet crisp, hair combed neatly, a smile, that might entice many, but crippled me with fear.

I glared at him. He was indeed going to kill Ralph that day. And I would rather stay in a dungeon than live in a world where my father's son - where my brother didn't exist. I'd rather be alone, than let Prince Nova get his way.

"How many days has it been?" I asked and found my throat completely dry.

"Bored, are you?" Prince Nova chuckled.

I kept glaring at him.

"Though I must say, that magic was amazing. Unnecessary, yes, but amazing."

"You made me do it." I hissed.

"Me?" He raised a brow, "Well, I didn't know you were so attached to your new-found family."

I clenched my fists. I was powerless here. The wards were too strong and my hands were literally tied.

"You must be wondering why I am here?" He walked a little to one side, his golden curl dangling on his forehead, "Well, it's time for a refill." He added.

My eyebrows squeezed together.

"The vial unfortunately is empty now." He said and pursed his lips suggestively at me.

I kept looking at him, not understanding a word.

"Aah, seems like your brain's all fried up in the dungeon," he laughed again, "Your blood, Eleni. I need it."

Of course.

"Why didn't you take a tankard full of it the last time itself?"

"I had that plan, honestly." He said and swiped his curl behind, "But I wanted to check. I had my suspicion that your blood might be the first of a kind, and could've turned out to be useless."

"Seeing that you are here means it's quite the opposite."

At my words, he suddenly gripped the bars of the prison and his eyes flashed a bright color of menace. Even with the bars between us, I was afraid for my life.

But he let go, closing his eyes shut. A blue spark had appeared at the spots where he had touched the bars. Zapped by the wards!

Suddenly confident, I stood up. I was safe here. Neither could I go out nor could he come in. The wards were powerful.

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