CHAPTER 48 - Of a Window

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Author's note: I am not sure, whether or not to put a warning for mature stuff. But you've been warned, I guess. Also, it's a long chapter, so do bear. See you on the other side. I am nervous as eff.


"Okay, relax. I was just having some fun, like you did in the dungeon."

Dylan gulped, as he composed himself back, and stood with his staff in position and legs wide – stance of a soldier. His eyes horror-filled and chest heaving rapidly.

"So, how does having a dual life work out for you?" Doran asked, sitting down on the high chair behind his desk.

"Y-Your Highness, I don't know what you're talking about," Dylan gulped, not raising his eyes.

"Really now? Dylan, right, assuming that indeed is your real name?" Doran smirked, impassive and the soldier raised his head ever-so slowly that I felt sorry for him. I shot a glare at Doran.

"Thank you for saving her life, Dylan." Doran said in a gentle voice. That seemed to fluster the soldier even more. His eyes met mine once, and all I saw was accusation flaming high and wide. I had in a way betrayed him. Given his identity to his Lord.

"Water?" I asked, feeling my own throat parched and Dylan shook his head violently, his breathing still uneven. He looked like an animal trapped in a cage with two predators.

Doran got up from his seat and walked over to him. I watched Dylan take a small step back, but still hold his position intact.

"You have nothing to be afraid of," I heard Doran speak in gentle firmness, "Eleni is out here because of you and I cannot thank you enough for that. Your secret is safe with me. You have my word, mate."

At that Dylan, raised his fearful eyes and life seemed to return back to him. Doran patted his shoulder once, and moved aside. He tilted his chin at me.

"Dylan, we need your help." I said, taking a step towards him.

"Yes, My Lady, anything." Dylan dipped his head.

No. Lady? Me? He bowed?

"No, no. Heavens no. Just Eleni. And why would you do that, we are friends, come on." I scratched my head and laughed nervously.

Doran chuckled, as he leaned his back on the huge bookshelf. I threw him another glare.

"Dylan, you need to tell me, how to find a protective ward," I paused already afraid of his reaction, "A protective ward made by Eclipses."

He snapped his head at me so quick, that I thought he might've broken a bone. He would never give such a confidential information so easily. "Listen," I spoke, flustered, "Celia told me, that some Eclipses were going missing. Isn't that correct?"

He looked from me to Doran and gave a hesitating nod.

"I think, we know where they are." I took another step forward, as I realized that I had his full attention. "Someone is using them as slaves, Dylan. We need to find out where they are all being kept. I don't need to tell you how dangerous their powers could be if fallen into the wrong hands."

"What? Slaves? How? But who..." Dylan shrieked, the color to his face returning.

"Long story short," Doran prompted, "Your army is in danger and so is the whole of the Four Realms."

I pulled a chair for him, and urged him to have a seat. He did. "I-If what you say is true then who is making them slaves?" The redhead asked, his face white.

Prince Neo. I shut my eyes close as I realized, he would go berserk if I told him the truth. For the whole world, the evil twin was dead. "Prince Nova," I said, my jaws clenched.

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