CHAPTER 34 - Of an Awakening

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Every little cell, every tiny vein in my body was glowing. It felt like I hadn't existed until this moment. But now this was who I really was. The final piece fitting into the puzzle of my life. A riddle answered. The shackles that I had built around myself opened free.

I called the fire and it came, surging through the deepest parts of me and flying out like a volcano.

I was giddy with joy, filled with rage and saddened by the thought that it had taken me so long to finally find myself.

The earth shook and the fire blazed.

My eyes alight with cold fury, palms flaring with the orange flames of my power – I stared dead into Prince Nova's eyes. My fire reflected in his hazel pupils.

For the first time - I saw fear in his eyes.

The fire might be hot for some, might burn some, but for me it was like sitting in a deep meadow with a book to read. Like the ocean waves putting me to sleep.


I did not see anyone else in the room but only me, my flames and the devil.

He did not move, but his eyes betrayed the shock he was feeling. Of course, he was afraid of me – I could penetrate anything.

With one sudden jerk, my hands were in front of my body and faced him. I commanded my veins, my powerful veins, who knew which of the two powers to unleash.

I focused on my palms, and the fire released itself. I felt the whole room illuminating, the walls shining in the light, the floor glimmering below me, red shadows cast over the faces of the horrified people in the room.

Ralph's words were still fresh in my head - Light up your fire, Eleni.

And so, I did.

A hoop of fiery ring formed around my body and a gust of seething pure flames escaped through my palms and I felt more alive than ever. This is what I was born with and I would never let myself deny it.

The fire threw itself over the prince's body. He dodged to one side, but was burnt in the process. His white doublet caught fire near his left shoulder. He quickly put his bare right hand over it and doused the fire. It made me huff with pride knowing that he got new scars – my courtesy.

And it dawned on me, that the protective wards were up. That was why he had neither defended himself not attacked me with his magic. Yet.

In a quick movement he crossed his arms in front of his chest and closed his eyes. I felt a shift in the room instantly. I wanted my fire to burn him before he let the guards down, but I realized that somehow, my powers were not in my control. 

The wards were down. 

"First time?" He spoke, and raised his hands outwards, standing straight.

A sudden chill of fear passed through me - I was unprepared, untrained. But he knew his Elementation.

"It's a bit unfair, don't you think? You have two powers and I have just one."

At his words, the fire flew from me, reaching where he stood. This time the force of my own power shook me wild. I remembered Una's words – 'You command your power - it should never be the other way around.'

But that was always the case with me, my powers used me as a device. I knew I needed to focus better.

I watched as the fire formed a huge wall between me and Prince Nova. But it did not touch him. And I willed it to, but it halted. His Air element kept it at bay.

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