CHAPTER 57 - Of a Devil

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Author's note: So, I saw many comments saying it wasn't clear, so here goes: 'Sacrifice to the Throne' means -- DYING! Nova and Eleni are Neo's objects of Enigma - #SomethingOnceLost and #SomethingNew, respectively. If they had been slaves, it would've been easier for Neo to lay his hands on them... but thanks to #DoranSupremacy!

Speaking of which, look whose aesthetic I begrudgingly made. ✨TADA!✨


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I gritted my teeth against the harsh cold. The wind was growling through the night like untamed wolves. The frost festered. Earth trembled. Flames danced. The Fire Dragon was a weapon. And we were helpless, with our veins assassinated.

The Winter army's front line lay in cinders. Men and women writhing with burns. Snow turning into liquid and their gore mingling in it like a river ready to drizzle down the mountain like a red waterfall.

Soldiers fled, ran down the mountain owing to the onslaught of the fire, helpless without their magic to defend themselves. My stomach churned at the sight, while Dylan pulled me to a far edge of the plateau, away from the flames. The Fire Dragon's flames wouldn't hurt me, wouldn't burn the Fire Elementals, but they would burn everyone else. And there were no Summer soldiers to put up a defensive front. Even a novice like me understood Neo's wretched plan...

What could stand against Fire if not Fire?

And my brain snapped open, heart pounded in my chest as a vague answer came to me - But could I do it? She wasn't mine to call, she was Ralph's.

No harm in trying, Princess - the royal blood in my veins whispered. And I closed my eyes... envisioning the red golden feathers.

Come help us, Ruby!

Right then, a lightning struck the land around me, forcing me to take a step back, jolting me from the summoning sort-of trance. Dylan had his shield above us, and mine ahead, sheltering us in. The armors and the shields of Eclipses, seemed to be made of a metal sorcery that I had never come across. It resisted, or at least seemed to be resisting the attacks of all the four powers.

Enchanted dart-flutes were released on the Chief's loud command. Aimed for the slaves to render them unconscious. But their master had them armored and immune. Not a sliver of their skin exposed, having anticipated everything, every move we'd make. Knowing we'd hesitate before killing a slaved army, killing what was King Nova's rightful Spring army, being used as slaughter and bait, as literal human shields.

Even through the darkness, I watched flintstones being rubbed, their flames temporarily igniting flambeaus. If Neo could see in the darkness, so could his army. But we... we were helpless and blind. Through the momentary flashes of lightning, through the beastly light of flames, I saw Neo leisurely stretching his body on the dragon... Ralph's unnamed companion.

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