CHAPTER 33 - Of Alchemy

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Author's note: The last chapter was peaceful, right? Yeah, so you know the deal. Good luck from here on. 

You guys won't believe, but someone commented - 'F*** you, author. I loved Nova.' 

And my reply to them is - 'Awwww, thanks!'  (Like seriously, I grinned wide. They deleted the comment now and I regret not taking a screenshot asap.) 

I am so proud of Nova, btw. But I am also scared of what the person will do when Nova shows some more of his true colors. Imma better go in hiding.

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"You are one punctual little butterfly," Prince Nova smiled widely.

"Why did you call me today?" I asked with a cool face, as I entered the dungeon's golden room.

"I see, you have decided to drop the title," his nostrils flared but he smiled nevertheless.

"Oh, did I do that? Apologies, Your Highness."

I regretted my taunting tone because in one single stride, he was close to me, breathing hard. He whispered, "Bold and beautiful, just the way I like my women."

"Your women?" I raised up a brow. A strong wave of heat surged in my body as I raised my head to look dead into his eyes. "Does that include a certain female Defensor as well?"

He kept looking at me, not a muscle on his face moved. I had come prepared. It was not the articles that I was writing, but a plot that I had been plotting, for the better part of the night. When his guard had discreetly handed me a note the previous evening, I knew staying silent wasn't an option - He used threats as his weapon, and well, two can play at a game.

"Lady Orella – bold and beautiful. Does she know what a petty little devil you are?"

"Is that a threat?" he asked still unfazed, leaning back. His eyes shone dangerously in the haze of the setting sun.

"Maybe – depends on how you behave."

I watched triumphantly as he backed off a few steps and to my utter surprise he wheezed out a huge laugh.

"Orella? Are you seriously threatening me with her?" He clutched his sides in a bout of over-reaction, "That stupid girl will do whatever I tell her to do."

My breath stuck in my lungs, I watched with horrified eyes.

"But she... you... lost against her. "

And as the words left me, I saw his demeanor change. The air flew violently and a glassy chandelier overhead crinkled. A wide-open window swung and slammed shut making me flinch with the loud noise.

"Only once did I lose, and you have the audacity to bring it up, you darn Luesha." He bared his teeth.

My veins hummed loudly at his words, but my fear spiked up. 

Suddenly, he flicked his fingers looking exasperated. And on cue, two guards grabbed me by my arms.

"It's time," I heard him say as I struggled in the grasps of the two men.

"What are you doing? Let me go." I shouted as I tried to wiggle out of their strong hold on my arms.

"Just shut up, I can't hear my thoughts," Prince Nova snapped.

He walked out of the golden room and the guards dragged me after him. I struggled the entire time as I was forcefully made to turn left. There were three doors in the dungeon and I realized that I was being led into the second one.

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