Chapter 23 - An Inevitable Break

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The silence stretched between the three individuals. All too worried to break the silence. The feeling was oppressive. As soon as her father opens his mouth to speak, Lily stands up wanting desperately to avoid any conflict.

"Everything good in here? I'm going to make sure everything is clean. I can imagine that it won't be too much longer." Lily states cutting Carlisle off. She drops the dirty rag into the slightly reddish water and stretches.

Carlisle coughs slightly knowing she is deflecting. "There's no more left on the floor. Glass should now be cleared as well."

Lily nods and carries the bucket into the kitchen. Rosalie follows silently after her. Carlisle decides to hold back his comment.

Lily could tell eyes were on her as she dumped the dirty water into the sink. She couldn't find the strength to react as she mindlessly started scrubbing out the inside with soap. Rosalie found herself slightly at a loss at what to do. She found herself picking at her nails, but knew something needed to be said. She needed answers, craved them even.

"You always have a place here."

"What?" Lily finishes drying out the bowl and sets it to the side. She turns to face the taller blonde.

"What Carlisle said back there about all of us figuring this out together."

"Oh." Lily didn't know what else to say. Rosalie pressed on.

"I'm sure Jasper would understand if he needed to stay away for a while to gain control again. You're safe here."

Lily looks up at her confused, "Jasper? Leaving? Why would he leave? He doesn't want to leave, does he? You aren't having some weird vampire conversation I'm unaware of, right?

Rosalie is now confused, "Aren't you upset? I figure that's why you didn't respond. I thought you were scared of us. That you saw us as monsters."

"Don't be ridiculous. I've seen worse. You know I have. Nothing you guys could do would make me fear you. You all are too human for that. Anyway, I doubt Alice would let Jasper leave. They're family after all."

"They're mates, but you're their family too."

Lily scoffs, taking Rosalie aback. "This isn't family. Not really."

Rosalie tries to help the situation slightly, "That's not true. Do you really not view Carlisle and Esme as your parents? Don't be ridiculous."

"It doesn't matter, really." Lily tries to push down her hurt and anger.

"Maybe not. Doesn't change the fact that we care for each other."

"You were never my sister. It shouldn't matter."

"Doesn't mean I don't care. Probably more than I should." Rosalie admits out loud.

Lily swallows nervously. Her cheeks heating up as she remembers her slip earlier. "Same. I mean I....." Lily looks up to look into Rosalie's golden eyes, "I care."

The two blonde girls stare at each other. Both being too scared to break the moment.


"Where did the party go?!" Emmett's booming voice caused Lily to double over laughing, missing the way Rosalie tenses.

"Let's go join the others." Lily turns to leave the room.

She is greeted by the sight of the rest of the Cullens gathered in the living room. Edward must have decided to run back. He was clearly upset but resolute. Lily could respect that about Edward. He was stubborn to a fault and refused to do anything he thought wasn't right.

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