Chapter 9 - A New Year

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"Alice! Give it a rest!" Lily's voice rang out early Monday morning. The two girls had been bickering for almost an hour at this point, but Lily was standing her ground. September had quickly approached the small town of Forks. For the first time, Lily was actually sad to see the summer end. That didn't mean she was sad enough to blindly follow Alice's instructions.

"There was nothing wrong with that I picked out for you!" Alice huffed, obviously disgruntled with Lily's clear dismissal of her outfit choice.

"Nothing except the fact that I don't want to wear it. It's supposed to be cool today and I don't feel like carrying a jacket around all day." Lily rolled her eyes and continued getting ready. She actually quite liked her outfit. It was comfortable but still managed to be stylish. 

Alice continued to plead her case to the girl in her bathroom

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Alice continued to plead her case to the girl in her bathroom. The two continued to go back and forth until Lily walked past the vampire to head downstairs.

"Stop being so difficult. I've seen you wearing that outfit. You're going to make us late."

Lily didn't bother to stop and face the girl as she headed into the kitchen, knowing that she would be able to hear her perfectly. "I don't believe you."

"But, Lil, I saw it." The pixie emphasized the word saw.

"You're lying."

"No I'm not. How would you know?" So, Alice may have been exaggerating when she said she had a vision, but it's not like anyone but Edward would know the difference.

"Because I would have to change my mind and I'm not." Lily started rummaging through the pantry for something to grab for the road.

Alice huffed knowing she was losing ground. "Well sorry for trying to make sure you don't look like a delinquent."

"Alice, I don't look like a delinquent. It just happens to be a style you don't like." Lily sighed. It was uncommon for Alice to fight her on these issues anymore, but it still occasionally happened. Alice missed when she used to be able to dress the other girl however she wanted.

"Lily, you kind of do."

The girl in question looked around the room trying to find some support. She saw another person walking past. "Wait, Rosalie. Help me out. Tell Alice I look fine."

Rosalie groaned, not wanting to get involved, but she appeased the girl's request. It wasn't a bad look on her. "Alice, she looks good. Leave her alone."

Lily smiled. "Thanks, Ro."

However, her comment was drowned out by Alice's own voice. "Of course Rosie's going to agree to you." Alice scoffed at the end.

Rosalie glared at the other vampire and left that room. She should have known better than to get involved. Alice didn't know anything. She also hated that nickname.

Alice focused back on Lily, "At least I'm being honest about what you look like."

"Are not!!"

'Yes I am!"

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