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Kate never found patience to be a virtue.

Most of the time patience led to missed opportunities. It should not be shocking that it only took Kate a few days to formulate her plan. The most important part was Lily gaining control of her own bloodlust. More and more of her suggested activities were to test and strengthen Bree's and Lily's control. It had now been over a month since Lily had been turned. She had grown past most of her volatility when it came to feeding, but Kate needed to be sure.

In the meanwhile, she was entertaining herself by trying to annoy Rosalie any chance she could. She knew the other girl would not act on it to not draw attention, but she could tell she was having an effect. It was now almost glaring obvious to spot Lily's and Rosalie's longing glances to each other. If they weren't family, Kate would have been disgusted. Kate had no hesitation calling Lily family. She knew Rosalie never did anything lightly. She was in deep.

She also amused herself by toying with Lily's emotions too. Light touches here and there were all that was needed to get the other girl worked up. It was hysterical. Lily was very much aware of Kate's friendly not-so-platonic teasing and would leave her to hang with Bree. Much in the same way Lily and Kate spent most of their time together, Irina and Bree gravitated towards each other.

As much fun as the lodge was these days, Kate only managed two weeks before voicing her idea.

"I think we should go to a club."

"Kate, no." Tanya said resigned.

"Not you. I was asking Lily." Kate retorted causing the only other vampire in the room to look up.

"I don't know, Kate. It could be pushing it. Anyway, Bree doesn't have a fake on her." Lily sounded nervous. It would be a good way to test her control, but she didn't want to hurt anyone.

"I wasn't asking Bree now was I?" Kate walked over to Lily and pulled the book out of her hands.

"Kate, please. I doubt..." Lily was cut off.

"No. I'm not taking no for an answer. Tanya, tell her she would be fine."

Tanya sighed and turned towards the two of them. "Kate, it's her decision. She's allowed to say no, but Lily, if you are worried, I think you have enough control. I am sure everything would be fine if you wanted to go."

Lily debated for a few seconds as she pondered her options. "Fine, but I'm driving. Also, I get to pick my clothes."

Kate hums and saying. "You can drive, but I get to dress you."

"Kate." Both Tanya and Lily say with different levels of annoyance.

"That's the deal." Kate held firm.

"Katie, you do realize you are the one asking me to go."

"I don't care. I will dress you and then I won't maul you for calling me Katie. I feel like that is more than fair."

"Fine, brat." Lily huffed and stood up.

They made it all the way upstairs before Lily talked again. "I should probably make sure Rosalie is okay with me going."

"Why? Why would she care?"

The words hurt Lily as she heard them, but Kate had a point. Why would Rosalie care what she did? She had made it quite clear she wasn't trying to build anything back with the girl. She knew Rosalie had never approved of her party phase, but damn it, it was fun. She was mentally and sexully frustrated all the damn time. She could barely get a few minutes alone with her supposed girlfriend. She missed her family, but didn't know if it was wise to even go back anytime soon. No one had even visited, probably too busy planning for Bella. It was all too much. She just wanted one night to feel normal.

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