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Lily was finding it harder to keep an aura of neutrality around her as she tread through the snowy forest. She found herself gaining a level of comfort being around the Denali coven that she hadn't felt around the Cullens for a long time. There was no extra baggage. None of them knew much about Lily's life before she was turned. Prior, human lives were a taboo subject in vampire circles. Too much pain and harshness had been endured by too many.

She knew it was more complicated than that. She felt an obligation to her family. They had been there when no one else was. She would have died years earlier if not for them, but she had other obligations now. She looked behind her and watched as Irina, Kate, Rosalie, and Bree all conversed behind her. She gave Rose a bright smile, but her eyes settled on Bree. As much as she knew it was illogical, she felt responsible for the girl. She owed Bree her future. It may be irrational, but Lily was determined to care for her. She had never considered someone younger than her as family. It was strange, but she quite enjoyed not being considered the baby anymore. They had managed to talk before they left and Bree was confident in her decision to stay with the Denali coven. It made sense for several reasons.

It made one thing certain. Wherever she ended up, she would be leaving a part of herself behind. The idea hurt, but it was unavoidable. She would always love the Cullens, but history was hard to reconcile with.

Lily was pulled out of her thoughts and Rosalie slid up on her side and intertwined their fingers. "You think too much."

"There's a lot to think about." Lily replied as she gave the taller girl a wide smile before continuing, "Getting tired of their latest debate?"

Rosalie huffed, "You would think she would pick up some common sense after getting a couple centuries under her belt."

Lily laughed as Kate yelled behind them in protest, "I heard that Rosalie Hale. There is no reason that I have to wear this puffy monstrosity. Excuse me for thinking we should look our best for our meeting."

Lily leaned into Rosalie's side, both of them electing to ignore the girl's outburst. "It's really nice here, wouldn't you say?"

Rosalie hummed noncommittally. It was a loaded statement that could have many different meanings.

"I think the change in scenery was good for us, even if it's hard." Lily looked up at Rose trying to convey her meaning. It was clear what they were talking about; not their place on the map, but rather the place of their home.

"I agree. Sometimes, I can't imagine us anywhere else."

"It's comfortable, right? Peaceful and warming. It wasn't what I expected, but I'm grateful."

"I wouldn't call it peaceful." Rosalie deadpanned.

Lily rolled her eyes at the girl's slight dig, "Well, not always, but that's not a bad thing."

The two took a couple of steps in silence before Lily blurted out, "I'm happy here."

Rosalie kissed the top of her head and muttered into her hair, "I'm really happy too."

Tanya couldn't control the uptick of her lips overhearing the two (hopefully) new additions behind her. She obviously wasn't the only one excited by the prospects as she felt Kate bounding towards and engulfing the side of her body with a smile that rivaled her own.

Tanya would like to think of herself as a good coven leader. It was a position she never wanted to take, but she believed she had steered them in the right direction over the years.

This felt right to her. She was now thankful that she hadn't offered a place to Rosalie earlier. Her hesitation before proved to be correct. Now was the right time. She had been so reluctant to let her family get close to another vampire after Sasha. Carlisle's coven had been an exemption, but she knew her sisters were lonely. Carmen and Eleazar were unexpected but welcomed changes to their group.

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