Chapter 27 - A Rude Awakening

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Rosalie couldn't help the smirk on her face as the engine roared to life. In her months away, she had forgotten the sensation of the BMW M3 buzzing beneath her. She felt more like herself with each second she flew down the highway. Every mile passed was another step in getting her life back on track. If she was being honest, it's the most she's felt in months. She would like to believe that her joy stemmed from being back in her car in control and not from the thought of seeing Lily again, but it would be a lie. She did not regret leaving with her family, but she regretted not fighting harder to keep them together. She felt like most of the coven shared her sentiment.

She risked a glance out of the corner of her eye to look at Emmett. His eyes were glued forward with a hint of determination. His jaw clenched, making his jawline even more pronounced. She thought back to their brief time together. She had wanted to be connected to someone again. She wanted that picture-perfect family. Emmett was an attractive man. Not only was he attractive, but also kind and sweet and anything else you could possibly want in a man. It all made sense on paper, just like her and Royce. At the same time, it was nothing like that. She had picked Emmett, not for his family or for status, but because she genuinely liked him. She liked his company. The sex left nothing to complain about either. She loved feeling connected to someone else again. She wanted to feel human and normal. As much as she wanted it to work, it wasn't long before it wouldn't. It was amicable. It wasn't even all that awkward. He was probably the best friend she ever had. No pressure, no pretense. Just two people who supported each other with no strings attached.

"The first thing they teach you in driver's ed is to keep your eyes on the road." Emmett was the first to break the silence. He turned his head slightly towards her and raised an eyebrow.

Rosalie couldn't help but let out a dry chuckle. "I think we'll live."

Silence filled the car again.

Rosalie tried not to sink into her thoughts again. Her hands gripped the wheel tighter. Her foot pressed down more causing the car to accelerate. She wanted to be in Port Angeles. They weren't even sure where she would be. It could take them hours to find her. Charlie had not given Carlisle much of a lead.

"I tried to check in on her..." Emmett tried to break the oppressive silence again.


Emmett paused at her confused tone. He figured everyone knew. He knew Rosalie had been out of it, but not that out of it. He squirmed in his seat slightly. "Yeah. We would text occasionally. Nothing major, but she seemed to be doing okay, you know. She was always talking about her friends or school. She was just as sarcastic. Nothing seemed different."

Rosalie remained silent. She stopped the urge to clench the wheel tighter. She would be damned if she damaged her car.

Emmett let out a deep sigh, almost sounding defeated. "And then, Carlisle comes back and tells us all this shit. It's apparently all been a lie. She has been lying to me. The worst part is I couldn't even tell. I couldn't tell then and I couldn't tell now."

Rosalie realized this wasn't just about the text. This was about everything. What they all missed.

"I should've known, ya know. She used to tell me everything and then she suddenly pulled away. I didn't want to push anything. I didn't want to make her feel pressured, but I saw the sign. Hell, we probably all did."

Rosalie took a deep breath she did not need and let Emmett's words wash over her. "I knew something was up, but I thought it was my fault. I'm the one that blew up at her, but I didn't want it to be true. I did not want to face the reality that she.." She trailed off. Swallowing before continuing, "that she didn't want me around anymore."

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