Chapter 37 - With Harsh Battles

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"Rose, please."

"What? I'm not doing anything."

"Oh? So you just enjoy casually discussing the safety of plane travel?" Lily challenged.

The two girls were taking the rare opportunity to relax in Rosalie's room. Well, Lily was relaxing. Rosalie appeared to be doing the opposite. They did not often spend time here. It was a little too sterile to be completely comfortable. It didn't seem to impede Lily's relaxation today and she longed in an oversized accent chair in the corner. The other girl was taking advantage of the open floor to continue her pacing. She had long since gotten ready. Both girls knew they were postponing the inevitable.

"All I'm saying is that you could go anywhere in the world, free of charge, and completely safe." Rosalie was making her last-ditch effort to get the girl to leave.

Lily laughed. "Has anyone ever mentioned that you can be a little stubborn?"

"It may have been brought up once or twice." The vampire gave a soft smile.

"And what about you?" Lily questioned.

"What do you mean?"

"Where are you on this hypothetical trip?"

"Ridiculous," Rosalie muttered mostly to herself while shaking her head fondly. She turned to face the girl straight on. "Well, I say I would be on a similar flight tomorrow."

Lily hummed in agreement. "That would be nice, but Rose, I really don't have any interest in taking any sort of flight without you."

"How about..." It was clear that Rosalie was trying to come up with another plan. "You go with Edward and Bella for the day and I can meet you once this is all settled."

Lily's response was quick. "No. The last thing I need is to spend the entire day with Edward and Bella alone."


"Rose, no. You honestly can't believe that would be any safer."

"You would at least be protected."

Lily sighed. She could understand Rosalie's fears. She held the same ones for the other girl. She slowly stood up and made her way over to the other girl. She grabbed the cold face in both of her hands to make the taller girl look at her. "I will be fine. Alice hasn't seen anything."

Rosalie scoffed and stepped away, making Lily's hands fall to her sides. "She can't see everything. She can only see when a person of interest makes a decision. There are too many of them. She can't see them all."

"Exactly. She can only do so much. I could just as easily crash on my way to the airport. Alice can't even see Bella clearly and we know she's Victoria's intended target. You can't honestly believe that Edward would be able to keep both of us safe if she found us. We are both liabilities."

"Lilianna, he's better than nothing!" The volume of her voice raised slightly.

"Do you honestly believe he would protect me? Sure, he would try but if it came down to Bella or me..." Lily didn't even bother to finish her statement. It was clear that Rosalie understood.

"That wouldn't happen." Rosalie's voice was quiet again. It was obvious that she didn't even believe her own words.

"It would. That's not a bad thing. Everyone would pick the one they love most. Carlisle would pick Esme, Jasper and Alice, you and.."

The pause was deafening. Lily couldn't bring herself to say it. She hadn't been thinking about what she was saying. Her filter had dropped. Love and Rosalie were not two things that could be uttered in the same breath. It didn't matter if it was true or not. Lily didn't know what would destroy her more, a denial or a confirmation.

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