Chapter 6 - A Unexpected Delay

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It was for the best that the Cullens enjoyed moving. Moving was significantly easier when you had a group of strong, quick, restless vampires all pitching it. It was also something that broke up the monotony of their existence. A move promised at least a couple of unexpected months. There would be new residents and students, a new house, and the possibility of new foods.

Once the decision was made, the Cullens did not wait long to move the family. Lily was aware she had been left out of the conversation, but it was okay. She wouldn't have had much to contribute anyways. Even though they were not moving geographically far away, the likelihood of anyone recognizing them in their new location was slim to none. The Cullen coven preferred to move from small town to small town, with enough time between reinhibating a location to ensure the humans that were there before were long gone. That is not to say that they completely abandoned their properties. They would occasionally return to their old home to renovate and keep it up to date with the current styles. Esme found it refreshing to be able to try out new designs in her own home before clients asked for them. This was another reason to live far away from town. There were fewer questions regarding why a supposedly empty house was undergoing massive repairs.

Lily knew she was being ridiculous, but she wanted to pack her own things. While she could have gotten away without helping her family, the thirteen-year-old was determined. Even though she may have had nothing but the clothes on her back two years ago, Alice had made sure that the girl's room was almost overflowing with possessions. She had quickly learned to not question the reason or prices of said gifts. She cared less about the material nature of the objects than the memories associated with them. Each object was a physical representation that her life was real. She knew the Cullen's had to be well off well before the family explained their powers to her. While she would never feel quite at peace knowing that Edward and Jasper could hold a great amount of control over her if they decided to do so, she had come to learn to accept it. She could now sense when her siblings were acting up and could redirect her thoughts.

For the week leading up to the move, Lily spent almost every waking hour packing. She would chat with her family at her meals. They constantly joked about how determined she was when they could easily pack all her belongings in a few hours. Edward had gone as far as packing up her books, but none of the other siblings made that mistake again. Lily was infuriated. These were her things and she was mature enough to be responsible for them. None of the other Cullens needed help. It was embarrassing. Lily had now enlisted Jasper and Rosalie to make sure none of the other vampires touched anything overnight. Jasper, sensing her emotions, was quick to agree while Rosalie liked being able to hold something over her siblings head.

However, she quickly learned that moving was exhausting. She was more than happy to forfeit any duties regarding loading the vehicles. She had no problem leaving that job to the super-powered vampires. The Cullens usually left most of their belongings and bought new things at their next house, but Lily was a bit more sentimentalist about her things. With everything squared away, it was time for the family to depart on a two days long journey down the coast.


Driving was boring. Sure, it was beautiful in stretches, but that can only amuse someone for so long. Lily thought she may have had a different opinion if she could actually do some of the driving, but Carlilse was quick to shut down that request. Even though it was summer, the temperature in this part of the country never felt warm to Lily.

Lily sighed as she squirmed in her seat slightly. There was only so long she could entertain herself with her phone before she couldn't stand it anymore. Road trips were significantly harder for humans than vampires who did not possess the same need to move. She found herself bouncing between vehicles frequently, anytime they stopped for fuel or food for the girl.

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