Chapter 11 - A Sudden Departure

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The next morning was tense. Lily was especially thankful for her ability to sleep in times like this. While she was able to escape for hours inside her head, her family was left to muffle in their own thoughts continuously. Lily wasn't dumb. She knew her family often used the cover of night to hunt on the local wildlife, but they tended to leave in groups of two and three making sure the house was never unguarded in case someone happened to arrive. Lily's bout of illness was also the unspoken reason, the episode never really leaving the family's mind.

Lily couldn't handle the eerie silence. She desperately wanted to slip in some headphones and listen to the playlist Micheal played, but she knew her listening experience wouldn't be private. She settled for getting ready in the silence. Her movements felt louder than they actually were. She was unsettled over a variety of things. Her brother Edward's slip of control after appearing so steady the entire time she knew him. She wasn't scared of her family but rather for them. She could tell how the idea weighed down her father, how his absence depressed her mother. The children ranged from hostility to understanding for Edward's plight.

Lily recalled the conversation Alice, Rosalie, and her partook in last night. Alice trying to explain the concept of a blood singer to her younger human sibling,  Alice trying to explain how hard he was fighting to do the right thing. Rosalie, unsurprisingly, was fuming at this development. She ranted on how reckless they were all being by assuming he could come back and have control and that they were reckless to even try to surround themselves with humans.

Lily recalled Rosalie's eyes soften as the human apologized for forcing them to have to constantly be surrounded by temptation. Rose held back any comments as Alice quickly assured the girl that she was different. She told the girl her scent was barely detectable, Lily never believed her family even though it was the truth. It had to be or the girl wouldn't be safe. Even Jasper, who struggled with control from his old life and feeling the thirst from his family, never thought of draining the girl. Finally, the girl fell asleep which brings us back to the current moment.

Lily made her way down the stairs and quickly fired off a text to Micheal telling him he would have to catch another ride. Micheal assured her that he thought this would happen and Becca had already offered. That relieved some of the guilt she was feeling. She knew there was no hope that she would be able to be alone today.

One glance of her family told her that the mood had not changed overnight. They were still gathered in the living room, except for Esme who was currently in the kitchen. Lily took a seat at one of the bar stools as a plate of food was placed in front of her.

"Thanks, mom." The girl spoke softly, earning a smile from the older woman. Her eyes scanned the kitchen and saw that her mom had already packed five different lunch bags. One was distinctly more full than the others. Lily's smile grew on her face. Even though she knew she should do more on her own, the gesture was nice.

As soon as she finished her food, she was surprised to see her family all moving out towards the cars. Almost sensing her confusion, a deep voice entered her side, "Come on, kid. We are taking the Jeep."

Lily turned her body to look at Jasper and nodded, "I bet Emmett is excited. He hates Edward's car. Says he doesn't fit."

Jasper laughs, "I say it can be tight at times. At least it always guarantees him the passenger seat."


Lily called bye back to her mother as the two of them headed out to the car. She and Jasper parted ways as they walked towards the backseat. Emmett was already seated in the driver's seat with Rosalie at his side. Alice leaned into Jasper as she sat in the middle of him and Lily. Lily had forgotten how fast her siblings drove. She soon felt some waves of calm energy which made her turn towards the Southern vampire. His face betrayed nothing, but Lily appreciated the jester.

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