Chapter 1 - A Brutal Interruption

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There was stillness in the Alaskan wilderness. This far out of town, there were no cars. There were no people to disturb the earth. Even the animals seemed to be in hiding. There are only a select few predators that can cause this reaction.

The Cullen family passed silently through the woods as they hunted, watched, and waited.

In the middle of the Chugach National Forest, they were able to move undetected. The need to feed was an ever-present factor in their life. Their throats burned for a blood offering. It was the only thing that could satisfy the beast inside of them. This was what separated the Cullens from the humans they lived beside. They could not kill the monster instead of them. While they are able to satisfy their hunger with the blood of animals, instead of the blood of humans, not all vampires are so kind.

The Cullens continued their hunt through the deep forest. Each member dealt with this supernatural sentence differently. They found comfort in hunting together. It was harder to hate a part of yourself when everyone around you had the same need. They were far enough away from their temporary homestead in Whittier, Alaska that they could stop pretending to be what they are not. Human.

Most of the family quelled their hunger from consuming a number of small animals. They were small, easy to kill, and far less messy. Small animals were easier to hunt and quicker to kill. It could be seen as a mercy. While it may take more animals to quench their thirst, less pain is felt by each animal. Rabbits, sheep, and the occasional elk had all become staples of the "vegetarian diet." However, certain family members liked to indulge in larger game. Only a few fully enjoyed embracing the thrill of the hunt.

Emmett Cullen moved silently through the trees. Below him, a brown bear foraged unaware of the danger it found itself in. He was making last-minute preparations before hibernation, greedily gaining extra calories. A mistake that ended up costing him his life. A slight smirk formed on Emmett's face. He knew this could very well be his last bear for the season. There was nothing rewarding about killing a sleeping beast. No vengeance could be found in the act.

Suddenly, he lept downwards from the trees. The bear roared loudly. He started swiping blindly, but it was no use. There was no way out for the animal. A laugh erupted deep from within Emmett's chest as the beast's paw collided with his shoulder. While his shirt gives way under the attack, no physical harm could come to him. His shirt ripped diagonally across his chest displaying unblemished skin. The bear made one more feeble attempt at life, before fading into death. The animal's eyes glossed over and they became unaware of the world around it. The lifeless eyes seemed to peer into Rosalie's soul. The sight never got easier. She forced herself to look away from them as more of the family came to join them.

Emmett came away victorious, unsurprisingly. His laugh was back in full force. He appeared disheveled, but the high of the fight had yet to fade. The mix of blood and adrenaline was almost euphoric to him.

"Hey, did you see that one! Best one of the season in my humble opinion!" He turned around looking for approval. His eyes fell on Rosalie first. She's leaning against a tree. Shaking her head with a light smile on her face. As much as she hated this part of themselves, she had a soft spot for Emmett and his exuberant nature. The spark of childlike wonder had never left him. That was a miracle in and of itself.

"You know, one of these days, the humans may decide to investigate these bear attacks right?" Rosalie couldn't help but challenge him slightly.

Emmett quickly played along. "Oh, Rose. You take this too seriously. Lightening up a little. We are all having a good time. Even Carlisle was able to get time off from the hospital to come with us this time."

They both turned to face Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Esme was looking down at them fondly at the two bickering siblings while Carlisle held her close. While he may have appeared to disapprove of the display of strength, there was a slight glint of amusement in his eye. It was hard not to enjoy the moment.

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