Chapter 34 - With Open Hearts

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Life was good. Life was really really good. Lily didn't think anything could pull her out of her new high. She really really liked Rosalie Hale. She didn't have to hide it anymore. It didn't take the other coven members long to find out what happened. No one seemed shocked, which was kind of embarrassing. Apparently, Lily had not been as good at hiding her feelings as she thought she was. They assured her Rosalie hadn't been much better either. She guessed that made sense, they had all known her for significantly longer. It would make sense that they picked up on things she didn't, even if it was slightly embarrassing. Even her siblings' teasing didn't affect the girl. Rosalie Hale liked her back and nothing could take that away from her. She got to go home every day after school and wrap her arms around the cold vampire. She could kiss her whenever she wanted. It was true bliss.

Emmett almost seemed happier than she did at the development. Rosalie admitted that he had been pushing her to act on her feelings for a while now. Emmett was glad that the two of the most important people in his life finally got their act together. It was fun to poke fun at them, but neither one seemed to give him too much mind. It was interesting seeing this new side of Rosalie. She always tried to protect her heart from others. She was more fragile than people realized. For so much of her life, her desires were used against her. It was nice to see her truly happy.

Of course, it's not as if people outside the family could know. Her friends had picked up on her odd behavior. Lily was never a melancholic person, but she had never been seen quite so happy before. It was strange to see such a shift after the months of self-imposed solitude she placed on herself. She had to lie to her friends and just say she was excited about graduation. They only had a few more days of classes. Graduation was still a couple of weeks away, but seniors always got out earlier. They said teachers needed the time to finish their final grades, but it was really a way for people who failed to have time to improve their grades in order to graduate. No one wanted to repeat senior year.

Not even graduation could dampen her mood. Sure it was scary to think about, but who said she had to think about it. She was perfectly happy in her life now and that's what she decided to focus on. Dwelling on the future never did her any good.


Lily really enjoyed the moments she and Rosalie got to themselves. It was nice to enjoy each other's company. They talked about everything and nothing at all. It wasn't hard to spend time with Rose. Each moment seemed better than the last.

This was by far one of her most enjoyable afternoons. Rosalie had decided to stay home while the others went hunting. She didn't know how it happened, but Lily found herself straddling Rosalie's lap locked in a deep kiss as the vampire sat on her bed. The lack of air just made the head rush that much better. Lily could feel the fingers in her belt loop tugging her closer.

Lily needed more. She broke the kiss.

"Rose. Please." Her voice was airy and barely auditable. She needed this. Rosalie felt a shiver down her spine.

Lily littered kisses down Rosalie's jaw as those same cold fingers that tugged her closer started to move up under her shirt. Her lips settled on her neck right below her ear. She could feel it when a moan ripped its way out of the older girl's throat.

"You know when you were so angry with me after prom?" Lily cursed herself. She didn't know why she felt the need to get this off her chest now, but it was too late to take the words back.

Rosalie pulled away slightly, her hand dropped to rest on Lily's waist. Her eyes were darker than Lily had ever seen them. "I was so scared because I realized how I felt about you. Sure, I had a date, but I could only think of you. I was pretending I was with you. Any sort of arousal you sensed..."

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