1:: The 'Dragonet Of Destiny'

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Jimmy poked his head out of the murky water, grinning as he spotted the MudWing sat on the bank of the river. It's like he's trying to get caught. Honestly.

Three... two... one! The hybrid launched himself out of the water, letting out a yelp as Joel sidestepped his attack. "HEY-" The dragonet with chartreuse scales hit the ground with a thud, letting out a defeated 'oof'.

"Jimmy! You should know by now that you're never gonna beat me. I'm an animus, I'm like- basically the next dragonet of destiny." The MudWing added smugly as Jimmy got to his feet.

"As cool as that would be," the part RainWing dragonet said slowly, huffing as he attempted to catch his breath. "-two problems. One, the dragonets of destiny died like- seventy years ago, and two, none of them were animus dragons." Jimmy added.

"Well- I'm still an animus! That's awesome!" Joel protested. "And one of the first MudWing animus- animuses- animusises-"

"Animi?" Jimmy queried, and his friend nodded rapidly. "Well, that is cool, I'll admit. I'm just a lame hybrid."

"Hey, that's cool!" Joel protested.

"Not really. There're hybrids everywhere nowadays. A couple hundred years ago, yeah, relatively cool, but not anymore." The part SeaWing added with a shrug

"But you're like- a tribrid! That's triple cool!" Joel insisted.

"Is it? Or is it just 'hybrids are so common that there's a bunch of tribrids now'?" Jimmy said wryly.

"I mean- you're three tribes in one! MudWing, RainWing, and SeaWing! Still don't know where you get the SeaWing from though." The animus added thoughtfully.

"My mother. You know this."

"And the fact that you are motherless." Joel said jokingly.

"This is true." Jimmy said with a dramatic sigh, laughing awkwardly. "He won't even tell me her name."

'He' was in reference to Caiman, Jimmy's father, a MudWing-RainWing hybrid who was incredibly kind, but also rather shy and awkward.

"Oh well. You're better off without her, if you ask me." Joel added brightly. "Anywayyyy- you excited to go to that lame Jade Mountain Academy thing you're so excited for for some reason?" The MudWing added curiously.

"It's not lame. It'll be fun to meet dragons from other tribes. And yes, I am!" Jimmy added brightly.

"Hmm... I don't know. MudWings- and you and your dad- are cool. The other tribes might be lame!" Joel protested.

"I mean- are they that cool? I've seen a bunch of other MudWings give you weird looks because you don't have any siblin- sibs." Jimmy corrected himself.

The brown-scaled dragon in front of him paused before shrugging. "Not my fault my mother decided to be weird and only have one egg." Joel said with a laugh. "Besides, if I did have sibs, one of them might be an animus! And then I wouldn't be as cool." His friend added dramatically.

"True, true. I mean, it's not like you're that cool anyway, but-" Jimmy let out a yelp as Joel batted him over the head with one wing. "You slime weasel- go sit on a reef!" The tribrid snapped, glaring at the MudWing.

"Well, I'm very cool, so you should admit it, snails-for-brains." Joel said sharply, laughing.

"I don't have- you have snails for- shut up." The taller dragonet finished lamely, rolling his eyes and looking down his snout at the older MudWing dragonet.

"Wow, I feel... so offended. The offence is just like- I am filled with offence right now." Joel said dryly, grinning again as Jimmy attempted to lunge for him and missed, leading to the part-MudWing tripping over his own tail and falling snout first into the mud. "HA."


"Not my fault you're terrible at... everything." Joel added with a laugh, dodging a clawfull of mud that was thrown at him by a very defeated Jimmy. "Nice try, snails-for-brains."

"I don't-" Jimmy slipped slightly as he attempted to sit up, successfully doing so moments later. "Shut up. Anyway, back to the school thing- apparently we might have royalty in our winglet! Isn't that cool?" Jimmy asked brightly.

"Rrrroyalty?" Joel echoed, pulling a face and wrinkling his snout. "Like what?"

"Uh... one of the IceWing princes I think, and the SeaWing... crown princess or something." The dragonet added with a shrug.

"Hmm..." Joel shrugged, turning around and reaching for a relatively flat rock that was behind him. He dragged it between the two (using his teeth to drag it, for some reason) and when he dropped it, he cleared his throat and rested a claw on it. "Tell us the names and tribes of our clawmates! Stupid... rock thing!" The MudWing added brightly.

Jimmy watched with a slightly awed expression as words began to etch themselves onto the stone. It wasn't the first time he'd seen Joel use his magic (Joel used it constantly, with a concerning lack of thought for the risks of animus magic), but it was impressive every time he saw it.

"Okayyy- Pix the SandWing-SilkWing, Jimmy the SeaWing-MudWing-RainWing- you, obviously- Princess Axolotl of the SeaWings- yep, royalty, you were right-, me, obviously, and-" Joel broke off, howling with laughter as Jimmy glanced at the next name.

"Prince... Scandalous of the IceWings?" Jimmy echoed, barely repressing a laugh.

"I'm- I'm sure he has a nickname or something, but Scandalous?! What was Queen Caribou thinking?" Joel paused, laughing quietly for a few moments more before continuing to read. "Uh... FWhip the SkyWing, Pearl the LeafWing-SilkWing, Joey the RainWing-SeaWing- wow, hybrids are common, you weren't lying, Jimmy- uh... Sausage the NightWing-SkyWing, another weird one, Gem the SkyWing..." Joel broke off, gasping for breath. "Three moons, we have a lot of clawmates."

"Shelby the LeafWing and Katherine the NightWing-HiveWing." Jimmy finished promptly. "Very cool, overall. And we do have royalty! Princess Axolotl and Prince... Prince Scandalous." The tribrid lamely, grinning as the MudWing animus in front of him erupted into peals of laughter.

This was certainly going to be fun.

Yes I tried to throw as much WOF vocab in there as possible, sue me

Also- two parents revealed woo

Caiman (Mud/Rain, Jimmy's father) and Caribou (IceWing, Scott's mother) :D

Also yes, Scott's actual name is Prince... Scandalous. Don't blame him, blame his mother. He goes by Scott.

And Princess Axolotl is of course the lovely Lizzie, who goes by her nickname instead of her actual name.

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