8:: Wings and Weirdness

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He was approached by Lizzie (again) a couple of days later.

Jimmy was just leaving the Botany classroom after class (he'd hung back to have a talk with Grian and BDubs about his progress with looking after the poppy and received some very helpful advice from BDubs) when he heard a shout from behind him. Oh, great.

"Jimmy!" He spun around just as Lizzie reached him, gasping for breath. "One- one second, need to catch my breath-" The SeaWing Princess paused for a moment before speaking again. "Did you research the wing patterns?"

"Uh... I mean, kinda? It wasn't detailed research, but I learnt a little bit. I also learnt about scale patterns, and which scale colours are rarest, and-" Jimmy blinked as she cut him off.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, cool, I guess, but did you realise anything? Maybe?" The blue dragonet's wings opened slightly as she said this, showing off her own wing patterns.

"Uh... you have the royal wing patterns? I guess?" The part RainWing shrugged as he attempted to remember what the royal wing patterns even were.

"Yes, but... out of curiosity- not implying anything because my mother would never- never mind, uh- but have you looked at your own wing patterns?" Lizzie said urgently.

"...no? I'm pretty sure they're kinda faded if there even is any, so-" Jimmy shrugged, opening his wings and glancing at them. "So? I have- SeaWing wing markings. Cool. I also have the bioluminescent markings- what's your point here?"

The princess let out an irritated hiss. "Oh my- Jimmy, you have the royal wing markings! How stupid are you?"

The tribrid blinked. "I do?" He glanced back at his wings. "Huh. Guess I do. Cool. I think. I don't know, I don't really remember the markings from the book."

"How are you not bothered by this? For all we know, you're like- the son of the queen!" Lizzie snapped, frowning.

"I mean, probably not. It's probably like... a distant cousin of the royal family. Or something." Jimmy said with a laugh. "Good joke though. Now I do have a class to get to, so-"

"No, but- do you not even care?! You might be my half sibling or something! I don't-" Lizzie paused, looking very troubled.

"Have you tried asking your mother? Instead of making a scene in a hallway? Admittedly an empty hallway, but you know." The shorter dragonet added with an amused expression.

"Look, can you just- write to your father and ask and I'll write to my mother? And we can try and figure it out? I need to know, Jimmy. Because if you are my half brother, then my mother cheated on my father, which I don't think she would do but it also confirms my suspicions that she sucks, so..." The SeaWing princess scowled.

"Uh... sure, I'll- write a letter to my dad. I don't think it's that much of a big deal though. I'm not sure your mum even remembers I exist." He joked, attempting to lighten the mood.

It did not work.

Lizzie's frown deepened (if that was even possible). "I guess." She muttered. It was only at this moment that Jimmy noticed her crown wasn't balanced on her horns like normal. It was- floating?

"What happened to your crown?" He queried. "Why is it all- floaty?"

"Oh- this?" The blue dragonet brightened immensely. "Joel enchanted it for me." Of course. "I mentioned that it was super heavy and he- did this. Look!" She reached up and tapped the crown. "Drop!" She commanded. The crown fell into her outstretched claws. "Float!" The crown flew out of her hands, hovering over her head again. "It was very nice of him. I have noticed he casts a lot of spells though- aren't animus dragons meant to be careful!" Lizzie queried.

"Eh. He's always cast a bunch of spells and it's never affected him. Besides, it's Joel, he won't exactly listen if you say 'hey stop that'." The part MudWing remarked with a snort of laughter.

"True, true. Might wanna keep an eye on him though." Jimmy shrugged. That stuff just doesn't seem to affect Joel. Not sure why, but... at least it's one less thing to worry about.

"I'm sure it'll be fine. I do wish he didn't flaunt his powers to every dragon he met, though." The tribrid said wryly. "He's gonna tell the wrong dragon someday and it's gonna end badly." Lizzie shrugged as well.

"Surely it'd be much more difficult to keep it a secret though?" She said slowly, tilting her head slightly with a thoughtfully expression.

"I mean, I guess. I wouldn't know though. But yeah, even if it would be harder, I feel like it'd be- safer? For him to keep it a secret. Too late now, though." Jimmy said, huffing out a laugh.

"Yeah, yeah, true. Although he could do a spell to make people forget about his powers if he wanted to, I guess!" Lizzie said even more thoughtfully. "But also that's kinda weird, I don't like the idea of my memories being erased."

"Yeah, I was gonna say- don't give him any ideas!" Jimmy scolded jokingly as the SeaWing in front of him laughed. Maybe her being kind of my sister wouldn't be too bad. I've always wanted a sibling! Joel was like- kinda my brother but not really.

"I won't, I won't, promise. Hey, did you see that mango like- floating after him the other day?" Lizzie said with a giggle.

"Yep. Apparently it was another animus dragon that did it." The part RainWing said with a laugh. He didn't need to tell her that it was FWhip- technically the energetic SkyWing wasn't an animus at all, it was whoever his friend was.

"I guessed that much. Pretty sure he wouldn't enchant a mango to chase him around." His companion said with a snort of laughter. She then paused. "Promise me you'll write to your father? Just to try and figure it out?"

Jimmy sighed dramatically. "Fine."

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